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Background And Official Platform Of The National Socialist Movement's Presidential Candidate John Taylor Bowles

Because the campaign of the National Socialist Movement's Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles is unlikely to get more than anecdotal publicity from the mainstream media, it is incumbent upon those of us in the alternative media (which is what the blogosphere is all about) to fill the gap. Consequently, I am replicating John Taylor Bowles' background and official platform, and will provide analysis and some suggestions for the campaign at the end of this post. This coverage includes a YouTube video of one of Bowles' campaign appearances.

Background: Source is the "About" Page of his official campaign website.

About Candidate John Taylor Bowles

- born in Maryland in 1957. Raised by highly patriotic parents.

- a devoted fun loving father of three daughters.

- attended Delaware Technical & Community College, graduated high honors, AA Degree in Applied Science, Phi Theta Kappa honor fraternity member. Listed in the National Deans List, 1997-1998, as one of America's outstanding college students.

- former elected labor union representative of UAW Local #1400. Retired union member of the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Local #2100.

- former federal officer of the United State's Department of Agriculture (retired to run for President).

- persecuted and prosecuted because of his pro-white political beliefs and activism and became a political prisoner of the State of Maryland from 1985-1989. The purpose of the railroad job was to thwart Bowles from running for any future elective political office(s) and engage in any type of political action against the present anti-White System. Apparently, the State of Marylands tactic has BACKFIRED and FAILED and Bowles is running for elective office and will be on the ballot in 2008.

- United State's Air Force, Telecommunications Operations Specialist, honorable discharge.

- certified paralegal and notary public.

- member of the South Carolina Sheriff's Association.

- received numerous awards from the federal government and for outstanding service to the community and patriotic activity.

- recognizing that the two major parties were more concerned about non-White votes than the interests of the White majority, at 17, became active as a National Socialist. In 1975, was the campaign treasurer to the first National Socialist candidate to enter an American general election. On the ballot twice during the early 1980's in Maryland. Presently, the National Election Director for the National Socialist Movement and holds the rank of Lieutenant.

- member of the Coalition for Free and Open Elections.

- currently a registered voter and resides in South Carolina.

Here is John Taylor Bowles' official platform, from the "A Plan for A Better America" Page of his official campaign website. Since this same information is also posted on the NSM Northwest website, it can be considered his platform:

A Plan for A Better America

Here’s what the candidate stands for:

- A sound education for every White child which will teach honesty, morality, and strength of character, and instill a sense of pride in the great heritage and traditions of the White Race.

- Law and order, so White citizens can walk the streets of their city at any time without fear, ruthless action against the city’s criminal population.
Right to keep and bear arms. I oppose any attempt to disarm law-abiding White citizens. Law abiding White citizens should have the right to carry a concealed firearm for protection from rampant black-on-white crime.

- Free health care for all White citizens.

- Encourage states to have easier ballot access laws for third political parties.
Return to the gold standard to get the money supply under control, reverse the wage-price spiral, and get the cost of living under control and to greatly reduce the cost of real property so White citizens can buy a house and land to raise their children and not be in debt their entire life.

- Recognize the traditional marriage of a male and female.

- Rights of homeowners. The elimination of property tax. No more family farm foreclosures. Zero interest home mortgage loans.

- Abolish the present tax system. A new 5% flat tax rate system on earned income. This will be the one and only tax allowed. No more wasting of White taxpayers money by the government. In addition, all overtime will not be taxed.

- Right of state sovereignty. Each state should be able to officially declare that any power of law not directly given to the federal government by the constitution can be nullified by the state congress. Also, to recognize that the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states to be an agent of the states instead of the states being an agent of the federal government.

- White soldiers should never be placed in harm's way except to meet and defeat any direct and immediate threat. The USA military should not be used to further the interests of another country, i.e., Israel.

- Every qualified White citizen should have a a fair crack at all job openings, regardless of any racial-quota system. I oppose any anti-White discriminatory practices in this Nation.

- Generous help for every needy White citizen, but not one cent for non-White welfare parasites now living off the White taxpayer.

- Encouraging illegal non-White immigrants to leave, telling pushy minority agitators where they go.

- Asians to Asia, African-Americans to Africa, mixed racial populations will be sent to Northern Africa or the Middle East, which are traditionally the areas for racial mixing. No public scorn or retribution against these forementioned people will be permitted; they will be allowed to keep whatever wealth they have accrued and will be treated honorably.

- A government of, by, and for the people, not for special minorities, illegal non-White immigrants, traitors, race-mixers, and sellout politicians. I will not yield the interests of the White majority to any non-White minority interests.

- America needs a President with the courage and honesty to stand up as a White man for the White citizens.

* * *

The Bowles campaign has been criticized by Bill White, the Commander of the rival American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). White has questioned whether the Bowles campaign is serious because of his previous criminal record and the fact that he (Bowles) has not officially filed yet. On the Bill White Watch blog, a site purportedly maintained by a former ANSWP member who clearly has both a political and personal axe to grind against White (and thus has limited credibility), Bowles responds as follows:

Lie: Bill White claims my Presidential candidacy is not serious because I’m not on the ballot.

Truth: A Presidential candidate can’t get on the ballot in any state before the actual election year. Bill White just tried this himself for
next year's mayoral election in Roanoke and they laughed at him for trying to (this proves how ignorant he is). Geez! Anyhow, I can get on the ballot and will and can’t wait until his chin hits the ground in shock when I do. At least I’m not scared to leave my city and participate in pro-White events like he’s is.

I think when it comes to credibility and the truth my 33+ [years] experience as a National Socialist outweighs Bill White's 2 or 3 years of inexperience. I have more non-NSM grassroots volunteers that have signed up in my campaign than the ANSWP has members. I’m tapping into support of the White middle class which is something no other pro-White organization has ever accomplished. That’s why the NSM is the #1 pro-White organization right now and can win.

Other interviews with Bowles can be found HERE and HERE. In addition, Bowles showed up at the Knoxville II Rally on June 16th, and has been invited to the Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism on August 4th.

You can also return to the site and view his position pages on immigration, family farms, and education.

Analysis: First, it should be crystal clear that Bowles' platform is NOT intended to appeal to non-whites. He's running solely to represent white interests; consequently, the opinions of non-whites in this context should be considered irrelevant.

The clear-cut strengths of the platform are some of his economic reforms, the emphasis on character in education, law and order, easier ballot access, and the employment of U.S. military power. Shedding ourselves of the Israeli burden will release untold billions of dollars for more productive uses. He also proposes one of the most humane repatriation schemes for non-whites that I've seen; he would allow them to depart with their assets and possessions. However, the involuntary repatriation of non-whites born in the United States (except for Indians and Alaska Natives) to their historical racial homelands will prove to be a very tough sell.

However, even those suddenly-available billions of dollars might not be enough to pay for his proposed free health care. This would be a mistake; there's too much danger of abuse, and some competition is necessary to promote innovation and to stabilize costs. I recommend he amend this to read "free therapeutic health care for all White Americans"; only "therapeutic" health care, or health care necessary to sustain life and basic health should be subsidized.

There is one issue which the Bowles campaign needs to further address at length: his incarceration. He needs to explain why he was incarcerated, on what specific charges he was convicted, and why he considers himself to have been "railroaded". He also needs to identify the "constitutional loophole" he believes does not prevent him from legally running for President. It is not uncommon for pro-white activists to be tried and convicted on inflated or even spurious charges; look what happened to the Shaun Walker Trio in Salt Lake City. But the absence of a more detailed explanation will perpetuate the marginalization of his candidacy by the establishment. This information should be prominently posted on his campaign website.

The Bowles campaign should update its Vote Smart page at the earliest opportunity, once Bowles has settled on his platform. He should submit a photo and take and submit the National Political Awareness Test (NPAT) so that his positions will be more widely available to the public. This should be done within the next three months.

It should be obvious to anyone with at least a room-temperature I.Q. that John Taylor Bowles will not actually be elected President. So what's the value of his campaign?

1). Publicity of National Socialism: Bowles is proving to be an articulate and positive spokesman for the national socialist cause. The YouTube video posted on this site bears this out. Too long we've allowed the Jews and their allies to define national socialism; it's time for the national socialist side to be heard. Furthermore, it appears national socialism offers a prudent balance between the rapacious excesses of cutthroat global capitalism and the smothering, stultifying equality of communism. National socialism permits responsible freedom without freedom from responsibility.

2). Provides an outlet for a genuine protest vote: Nearly all the mainstream candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, are a bunch of look-alike, sound-alike clones. Mitt Romney may also be somewhat of an exception, but he's changed his positions in the past more often than I change my underwear, so I cannot be confident he won't just "up and change his positions" again in the future. If neither Mitt Romney nor Ron Paul win the Republican nomination in 2008, I'm going to want a genuine alternative candidate for shock value, and John Taylor Bowles best fits the bill.

If you want to ensure at the very least that John Taylor Bowles stays in the race to provide that outlet for a protest vote, send your best gift (check or money order payable to Bowles for President 2008) to:

Bowles for President 2008
PO Box 1496
Laurens, South Carolina 29360

Phone: 864.641.0510


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