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Alex Linder Finally Posts His Initial Reaction To May 26th Knoxville Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally On Vanguard News Network

Alex Linder (pictured at left), the editor of the Vanguard News Network (VNN), has finally posted his reaction to his experiences at the Channon Christian/Chris Newsom Memorial Rally held in Knoxville, TN on May 26, 2007. While the primary update is posted on the main page, he also provides an extensive discussion on lessons learned in various threads on the Vanguard News Network Forum. These threads will be identified later in this post, as the context arises.

First, here is the primary report from the main page, replicated here in full so that it isn't completely lost should VNN go offline at some point in the future:

Back in Kirksville in one piece. Tuesday was quite an interesting day, ending with distribution of about 400 newspapers wrapped in flyers in the Halls area north of Knoxville. As soon as I break the world indoor record for consecutive hours of sleep I’ll be writing a trip report. A tease: went to Channon’s grave, talked to her friends, went to KPD to get my speech notes back, went to Newsom’s cemetery, went to crime scene on Chipman, talked to new residents at 2316, distributed a few hundred papers, drove 700 miles back home.

My report will include copious notes on getting the best out of Knoxville, which is a cool town, loaded with beautiful women. I truly believe the best looking women in the U.S. are in Kentucky and Tennessee. These notes will be aimed to help make your trip to the June 16 rally as easy as possible. If there’s any way you can make it, please go. I’d like to appeal to the speakers at that rally, please, do not get drawn into the jew’s rigged game of talking about hate crimes. That is utterly beside the point. The only thing that can be done for Channon and Chris now is to get those niggers the death penalty.

The point ain't whether or not there’s hate involved in a 3-way double rape, it’s that COERCED INTEGRATION IS EVIL. The fruit of coerced integration is the corpses of thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent Whites. What’s buried in this crime is enough to bring down our entire government. That is no exaggeration. Every possible pressure is being levied to explain away or cover up or mislead the people as to the reality. But the System, including the media and government which are one and the same thing, and boy how I know that first hand after two visits to Knoxville in ten days, is directly responsible for this nigger savagery. The System set up the rules that give these niggers free range, and the System’s media fail to report the crimes once they happen. And they turn in fury on those of us who raise a lampshade on the whole sordid scene.

Let me just say, there is no epithet dirty enough to convey just how foul, pestilential and vile the so-called mainstream media are. They are accessories before and after the fact. They and their agenda are owned and set by Big Jew. BJ says that integration is holy and opposition to it is evil. Well, you bitches, step up and eat your rotten fruit and tell us how sweet it is- as you munch on the raped, strangled, charred corpses of two perfectly innocent White kids. INTEGRATION IS EVIL. That is the gun to the gunfight. Tepid retrograde quibbling over some stupid kike-concocted crime classification is nothing more than reactionary loserism.

It is our duty as Whites to express and legitimize the rage felt by ordinary whites, inside Knoxville and out, over this and other horrendous crimes. To legitimize the rage, and to direct it onto the appropriate targets. The people primarily responsible for mixing these Lemaricuses and Letalvises in among us are jews. They did it with malice aforethought. They did it knowing that Channon Christians and Chris Newsoms would be murdered as a result. There is only one way to play this crime, and that is to lay it directly at the feet of the jew. All else is futile remonstrating. Slim and Rome are the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE.

Note that, unlike Stormfront, which initially was indifferent to the May 26th rally at best, and, in the case of one of Stormfront's moderators, Jack Boot, hostile at worst, Alex Linder is NOT responding in kind. Instead, Linder urges people to SHOW UP for the June 16th "second wave" rally, promoted by Stormfront.

Coerced integration went far beyond the original modest goal of simply cleaning up some of our laws. Coerced integration requires the forcible intrusion and mixing of non-whites into every possible realm. For example, in 1970-era Boston, it was not enough that segregation of the public schools in mostly-white South Boston and mostly-black Roxbury was legal because the racially-separate residential patterns of the existing communities supported it. It was deemed necessary to conceive and implement a costly, elaborate forced busing program to bus white children out of their neighborhoods to black schools in Roxbury and black children out of their neighborhoods to white schools in South Boston. The pie-in-the-sky premise was that if one allowed black kids to merely "rub shoulders" with white kids, it would automatically result in a "rainbow nirvana" where everyone would dance around the proverbial maypole singing "kumbaya" or some similar nonsense. Didn't quite work that way in Rhodesia and South Africa, did it? And it ain't working here, either, at least not nationwide.

And predictably, there was outrage and even violence, as kids of both races paid the price. Of course, the media only highlighted so-called "white violence", with prominent pictures of white parents "attacking" school buses; they scrupulously avoided any mention of the violence white students were subjected to in the black schools. Furthermore, this has not been limited to the public sector, or even to racial civil rights. Black and Latino activists constantly bitch about not having enough representation on mainstream television, even though blacks have BET and Latinos have BOTH Telemundo and Univision. And gay rights activists are now suing E-harmony because they refuse to accept ads from gay people, even though E-harmony's prominently-advertised premise is to promote strictly heterosexual relationships, and despite the fact that the private sector already offers a gaggle of similar services for gays.

Alex Linder also responded on a couple of threads on the Vanguard News Network Forum. In a thread entitled "Thinking About Knoxville", Linder addresses a post-mortum of the rally delivered by Frank Roman, who has become the "chief propagandist" for European Americans United, the successor organization to National Vanguard. Roman does a weekly "Frankly Speaking" broadcast, similar in concept to the National Alliance's weekly "American Dissident Voices" broadcast. Roman and EAU represent the "Love Your Race" faction within the white nationalist community, striving to win people over to the cause by "reassuring" them that they're not "racist", and expend considerable time, effort, and expense explaining why they're not "racist", rather than using that time to further deliver, amplify, and explain the primary message. And what is the primary message? Read on.

In his response to Roman's missive, Alex Linder takes issue with this approach, correctly stating that those who consider us racist will continue to do so whether we dress in a suit, a Dockers ensemble, or a national socialist uniform. Linder believes the problem is systemic rather than mechanical. He also questions the wisdom of directing anger against non-whites since, in his opinion, they are only doing what others allow them to do. He wants us to direct our attention towards "those who are allowing it". So first, we stoke the legitimate anger of whites, then channel it constructively towards the real target. And who is the real target? The "allowers"; namely, Organized Jewry and their willing white allies (or "kike-a-likes", as Glenn Miller colloquially names them).

Alex Linder also reminds us that white nationalists will not get a fair shake in the mainstream media, no matter how much we soften our message. Not only did the media outlets cheerfully regurgitate the Associated Press report that he (Linder) "assaulted the officers" and "resisted arrest", but just as cheerfully regurgitated the other AP report of only 30 protestors at the rally. Eyewitnesses rebutted both reports.

Alex Linder also addressed the issue of hate crimes on a different thread. He maintains that, while it is O.K. to ask why the Christian-Newsom murder wasn't considered a hate crime, that we should not allow ourselves to get hornswoggled into advocating for more universal application of the "hate crime" concept. The message I get is that Linder believes a universal application would result in what is currently "anti-white"tyranny expanding into general tyranny. The concept of "hate crimes" is un-American. Furthermore, if we argue that crimes by non-whites against whites should be considered hate crimes, then we implicitly accept the notion of hate crimes, which is what the Jews want us to do. We cannot be allowing our adversaries to be the sole definitors of these concepts and the rules of engagement. The soundest approach is to raise the "hate crimes" issue merely to expose the hypocrisy of the establishment, but then use it as justification to eliminate the notion of hate crimes altogether.

While I commend Alex Linder for his steadfast insistence on "naming the Jew", neglecting the symptoms merely to treat the disease can make one too weak the effectively fight the disease at times. The symptoms still have to be addressed. Even if Organized Jewry stoked up the non-whites against us, Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were victimized by blacks, not Jews. Latinos, not Jews, are attempting to steal the Southwest from us via the "reconquista". You are much more likely to be criminally victimized on an everyday basis by a black or Latino than by a Jew. To paraphrase the now-discredited Donald Rumsfeld, we must fight the enemies we have rather than the enemies we want. Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to recognize that the non-white problem is a tactical question, while the Jewish problem is a strategic question.

Alex Linder and VNN clearly do NOT belong to the "Love Your Race" faction. Yes, we love our race, but we hate what's being done to it, and we will not only explicitly express that "hate", but just as explicitly name those responsible. Those who prefer the "Love Your Race" approach are helpful, up to a certain point. But their approach can only take one so far - VNN can take one the rest of the way.

Despite the fact that Alex Linder has incurred legal expenses, he has yet to personally ask us for a single dime. It's time for those of us who care and who can to step up to the plate. Mail your best gift to:

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville, MO 63501

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