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Eric Hunt, Accused Attacker Of Holocaust® Icon Elie Wiesel, Appeared In San Francisco Court

Special Note: Post updated June 3rd with new information, posted in green.

After Somerset County (NJ) officials gave California authorities the green light on May 2nd to proceed, Eric Hunt, the accused attacker of Holocaust® Icon Elie Wiesel (both pictured at left), was extradited from New Jersey to San Francisco on Thursday May 1oth, 2007, and appeared before Superior Court Judge Donna Alyson Little on Friday May 11th. This post combines and summarizes stories from the San Jose Mercury-News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and KPIX-TV Channel 5 in San Francisco.

Hunt, facing felony charges of false imprisonment, battery, elder abuse, stalking and committing a hate crime in connection with the alleged attack on Wiesel, did not enter a plea. Judge Little set a court date of May 31st in Department 20 for Hunt to enter a plea and for attorneys to set a date for Wiesel's appearance for a conditional exam. A conditional exam consists of a witness being questioned by both prosecution and defense attorneys before a trial, in order to preserve his or her testimony, according to Assistant District Attorney Alan Kennedy. In many instances, including Wiesel's, testimony is videotaped in case the witness can't make it to the preliminary hearing or trial. Wiesel has expressed interest in assisting with the prosecution of Hunt. Hunt will be present during Wiesel's eventual testimony.

Update: KPIX Channel 5 reports that, according to prosecutor Bilen Mesfin, Hunt did not enter a plea on May 31st. The judge set a new date of June 7thy for Hunt to enter a plea.

At the prosecutor's request, Judge Little also signed an order requiring Hunt to stay at least 150 yards away from Wiesel and to have no written or oral contact with him through May 14th, 2010. Wiesel was in San Francisco once again on Wednesday May 10th to accept the San Francisco-based philanthropic group Koret Foundation's Koret Prize for his "commitment to Jewish survival in every sense of the word," according to foundation President Tad Taube. The prize's $250,000 grant will be given to the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity

Hunt's bail remains at $500,000. One of his two California attorneys, John Runfola, said Hunt remains on the acute psychiatric floor of San Francisco County Jail. Hunt's New Jersey lawyer, James Addis, had earlier said that Hunt is neither an anti-Semite nor a Holocaust denier, but a "very, very disturbed young man" suffering from bipolar disorder.

Runfola said he and co-counsel Guy Ashley Jameson are busy researching the case, including watching interviews with Hunt and his family before Hunt was arrested by New Jersey authorities while an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital.

Hunt's family aided the investigation and has been extremely cooperative, Runfola said. "They told police which psychiatric hospital (Hunt) was in, invited police into their home, where they interviewed family members as well as Eric," he said, adding that detectives did not arrest Hunt at that time.

To briefly recap the incident, Elie Wiesel, 78, was a featured speaker at a peace forum at the hotel in San Francisco. He was approached in the lobby by a white man in his 20s who asked for an interview, police said. Authorities said Wiesel agreed to talk in the lobby, but the man insisted the interview be conducted in a hotel room, and got into the elevator with Wiesel. Once on the sixth floor, the suspect dragged Wiesel from the elevator, police said. Wiesel began yelling, and the suspect ran away down the elevator, police said, and was in such a hurry he left his car, wallet, and drivers license behind.

Complicating Hunt's case is a series of Web postings by an author calling himself "Eric Hunt", who takes responsibility for the attack and claims Wiesel's accounts of the Holocaust are fictitious. In particular, one blog, entitled "Kill-Jews-Dot-Com", is not only quite damning, but was used by anti-racist activists to try to falsely implicate the American National Socialist Workers Party in the deed. The author of the online posting claims he was seeking "a confession" from the scholar.

And the Ziopedia website suffered some fallout. Not only did hackers knock them offline for 24 hours back in February, but both PayPal and StormPay suspended their accounts. Nonetheless, Ziopedia is still alive and kicking.

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Commentary: Unfortunately, Eric Hunt will do time. After all, the Talmud says that "hitting a Jew is hitting God" (Sanhedrin 58b), so to speak. Seriously, even if they take his mental state into consideration, he'll be locked up for a while, even if it is in a psychiatric institute instead of a prison. And, of course, he'll have to kiss every prominent Jew's ass between San Francisco and Tel Aviv as part of the "atonement", in particular Rabbi Marvin Hier and Abe Foxman.

If Shaun Walker gets five years for his conviction, Eric Hunt will probably do at least three years. Unlike Walker, Hunt had no white nationalist history or connections. The only real crimes Eric Hunt committed were battery and communicating a terroristic threat.

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