Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eric Hunt, Accused Attacker Of Holocaust® Icon Elie Wiesel, Now Set To Be Extradited From New Jersey To California

Today (May 2nd, 2007), the New Jersey Herald reports that Somerset County authorities have given California the green light to pick up Eric Hunt (pictured at left along with Elie Wiesel). All that's required now is for authorized extradition agents, either the U.S. Marshal Service or a designated private service, to arrive at the jail at take custody of Hunt. Hunt, 22, a 2002 graduate of Vernon Township High School and a 2006 graduate from Marist College with a bachelor's degree in digital media, will be extradited to California on a warrant sent earlier by California Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

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Hunt is accused of accosting noted Holocaust® icon Elie Wiesel in a San Francisco hotel on February 1st, 2007. He has been indicted on six criminal counts, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, battery, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder and stalking. His bail in California was set at $500,000.

Hunt left his Vernon home on New Year's Day and seemed depressed and withdrawn when he returned in mid-February, his attorney has said. He was admitted involuntarily at the Carrier Clinic in Somerset County after his mother took him to Newton Memorial Hospital. Montgomery Township Police arrested Hunt at the clinic on February 17th. He continues to be on medication, but motions to have him transferred to a medical facility have been denied.

Complicating Hunt's case is a series of Web postings by an author calling himself "Eric Hunt", who takes responsibility for the attack and claims Wiesel's accounts of the Holocaust are fictitious. In particular, one blog, entitled "Kill-Jews-Dot-Com", is not only quite damning, but was used by anti-racist activists to try to falsely implicate the American National Socialist Workers Party in the deed. The author of the online posting claims he was seeking "a confession" from the scholar.

Hunt's court-appointed New Jersey attorney, James Addis, stated "I just hope, eventually, California will come to see what this case is really about. It's not about a skinhead. It's not about an anti-Semite or crypto Nazi. The kid was disturbed and still is as far as I can tell." Furthermore, as for the case against him, Hunt does not freely admit to ever being in San Francisco. "California authorities will have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it was Eric Hunt who committed these offenses like they say", Addis said. However, San Francisco police reported that they found Hunt's car in the hotel parking garage, and that Hunt left his wallet and driver's license in the car.

Neither San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Alan Kennedy, who Addis said was assigned to the case, nor Elie Wiesel, a full-time Holocaust-monger who is also a professor at Boston University, were available for comment. However, this did not stop Wiesel from using the incident to call for harsher sanctions against Holocaust Revisionists. Any incident like this will be used by extremists and demagogues to curtail our Constitutional rights.

However, unless Hunt can prove he was not in San Francisco on February 1st, or can assert that maybe his car and documentation was stolen, his best hope is to plead diminished mental competency. The six-count indictment shows authorities intend to make an object example out of him.

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