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Did The Ohio Civil Rights Commission Issue A "Cease And Desist Order" Against Vanguard News Network For Alleged "Racist" Job Ad?

On March 10th, 2007, a Dayton, Ohio television station reported that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission issued a cease-and-desist order to Alex Linder (pictured at left courtesy of SPLC), editor and administrator of the Vanguard News Network website, over an alleged "racist" job ad posted on the site. Click HERE to view original story from WHIO-TV, Channel 7. Also click HERE to view Alex Linder's response.

The Commission claimed that the Vanguard News Network advertised a job opening for a "racially-conscious white male". The Commission's Public Affairs Director, Toni Delgado, characterized it as a violation of Ohio civil rights law, which holds that neither race nor sex may be mentioned in job ads. Delgado also stated that although the Vanguard News Network website is located in Missouri, when advertising for a job in Ohio, it must conform to Ohio civil rights laws. It is reportedly the first time the Commission has taken this type of action against an Internet website.

It is also of interest to note that of all five members of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, none are white. Three are black, two are Latino. Apparently, the state of Ohio does not believe whites should have any hand in defining or shaping "civil rights".

Alex Linder was quick to fire back. In his post on the Vanguard News Network's main page, he states the story is false because the objection was to the ad-placer because he mentioned that he was a White male. It was a man (so the party claimed - he [Linder] did not know him) seeking employment. There was no company involved. The Commission apparently decided to use the fact that the ad-placer mentioned his race as a means to harass the Vanguard News Network. Linder reminded us that these government bureaucrats called journalists can’t get the simplest facts right about anything, and further stated that they know that the facts don’t matter, as long as they report in line with The Agenda.

Linder further followed up by issuing the following press release on March 11th:


May 11, 2007


Years ago a commission of milksops, reverends and hate-filled queers/jews/minorities opened a “complaint” against VNN. Today, literally years later, it bears fruit in a meaningless cease-and-desist order.

The public should understand two things about this type of complaint:

1) it is a form of harassment directed by jews and anti-Whites against those who use the Constitutional free association guaranteed to White males;

2) the state of Ohio, like every other, itself discriminates against White males, and openly boasts of it. [Google Ohio state commissions and see how many exist solely to further the group interests of black males, homosexuals, etc.]

The era in which White males pick up the slack for crooked jews, lazy negroes, and malevolent lesbians is rapidly drawing to a close,” said Alex Linder, in an interview with VNN. “This scares the omni-incompetent hacks who make up these state commissions, who falsely believe White men dare not fight back.”

Putting his thumb to his nose and waggling his fingers in a manner some might take to be derisive, Linder declared: “I reject the authority of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to determine whom employers can hire and fire, and I trumpet the fact that the commission itself is guilty of discrimination, given that it includes not a single White male on its board,* even though White males make up roughly a third of the population of Ohio.”

Given officially sanctioned discrimination against White males on the part of the State of Ohio and its commissions, the Aryan Defense League advises Whites to fight back with every means at their disposal.

They have their ruling, now let them enforce it,” Linder concluded, adding, “We are currently investigating whether or not Senoras Delgado and Ramos have valid green cards.”


Alex Linder
660 665 8210

Commentary: The mainstream media clearly has no vested interest in getting the story right when it comes to pro-white activists and venues. "Pro-white" is marginalized, demonized, and even ruthlessly suppressed in some cases. The upcoming Christian-Newsom Memorialization Rally to be held in Knoxville, TN on May 26th at 3:00 P.M. was originally conceived and spearheaded by Alex Linder and the Vanguard News Network because this horrific crime against two whites by five black thugs was marginalized and underreported. As a result of VNN's activism, it is now getting the publicity it deserves. We as race-conscious whites generally cannot rely upon the mainstream media to represent us accurately - we have to represent ourselves. And we will be doing so in Knoxville.

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