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An Associate of White Revolution Recounts His Experiences At The May 26th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally In Knoxville

An associate of the white civil rights organization "White Revolution" attended the May 26th Memorial Rally for Channon Christian and Chris Newsom held in Knoxville, TN. Posting under the nickname "Tripp_999" on White Revolution's discussion forum, he recounts his experiences as follows:

Rally theme was jew media blackout of nigger crimes against Whites.

Hal [Turner], Yankee Jim & I arrived at our informal pre-rally site around 11 AM Saturday [May 26th] for lunch. Already the cops had us pegged from the air, but we didn't know it. Alex Linder was the last to arrive, and surprisingly he had made ZERO contact with the police commander, ergo, the police had no way of knowing what to expect. He stated openly that he wanted confrontation. Um huh, well he got it. No organization whatsoever, no protection and no single secured parking or staging area.

As we pulled out of the restaurant lot, cops everywhere. They zeroed in on Todd [from Florida] making a "felony arrest with guns drawn." The rest of us got to the courthouse, passed a quick security frisk with the wand and began our protest. Hal immediately made himself the coordinator with the police. In 20 minutes Todd showed up. No arrest. They wanted to dog-sniff his car for explosives, then released him promptly. Cops were too afraid to bag his car while it was unattended! His reputation preceded him.

The police were totally cooperative with us, helpful and friendly. Some gave us the thumbs up and smiles. Everyone knows what niggers are.

As there was no coordination, though, others arrived from 3 different directions over the next half hour. The news said about 30 Whites total. Not so, our group was over 30 [NJ, Florida, Missouri and Kentucky, Maryland], and with the others we now numbered over a hundred. Alex ignored the entry point and passed the police line. He was grabbed, spun around breaking the cop's camera, put down with a little blood, and arrested on 4 charges. We contacted his family and he was released later that night on bail. For sure there will be a plea and small fine. If his arrogance continues, the system will break him. He now has an official arrest record. And of course, there went the keynote speaker.

Hal delivered a powerful and emotional speech. The highlight was when he told the "black community", police and politicians that IF THEY DID NOT REIN IN THE VIOLENT, SAVAGE BEASTS in their community, that we "will do it for you." "We will bring back LYNCHING to the streets of Knoxville. If the police or politicians think otherwise, we have enough rope for you too." The cops' heads all turned on that one. Point made.

On some rallies, like in Kingston NY, a few neighborhood people have joined our rallies, but my heart was gladdened to see maybe 10 Knoxville Whites go through the checkpoint and stand with us, including a couple in their late 20s with a baby in a stroller.

Funny as hell, the ARA [Anti-Racist Action] FAGS showed up dressed in drag, ballerina outfits and as clowns, which they are. They had the usual college suspects, numbering maybe eighty. They danced and held up signs saying WHITE POWDER, throwing around flour. What a bunch of freaks. Puke. [Ed. Note: In the picture posted above, you can see the ARA fags in the background, wearing "fairy" dresses]

We didn't hang around and promptly left for Dawson Springs, KY and Aryan fest. We arrived in time to participate in the Cross and Swastika Lighting.

The highlight of my trip was having brunch Sunday with Ron Edwards, IKA Imperial Wizard, and son Josh.

Check out halturnershow.com for a stream of the speech, and the
VNN forum for details and great photos taken by Tony [posts on VNN under the nickname "OnThePathToTruth"] and others. Organization of events is super critical. Got a ghost, call ghostbusters. Got a rally, next time call Billy Roper.

Here is a YouTube video recording Hal Turner's speech:


So now we can flesh out the timeline of events more fully. Todd was arrested even before the contingent reached the courthouse. Linder wasn't arrested until the start of the rally itself. Tripp also confirms that the mainstream media underreported the number of participants - he clearly states there were at least 100.

Tripp's observation about the cordiality of the police tends to fly in the face of the ferocity in which they confronted Alex Linder. This implies that either the police arresting Linder were of a different mindset, or that Linder must have really said something sufficiently provocative to set them off. Tripp clearly states that Linder was looking for a confrontation, a sentiment echoed by several VNN Forum members. The presence of an experienced and persuasive orator like Hal Turner as a backup would have given Alex Linder the freedom of action necessary to take himself out of the action through a "sacrificial" act early in the rally, knowing that Turner's renowned "brutal commentary and rich satire" would suffice to sustain the rally for a meaningful period.

We also have a new report filed by another participant, OnThePathToTruth himself. OTPTT posted the following account on the Vanguard News Network Forum:

[NOTE: My initial reaction immediately during and after this event was partially irrelevant. I injected my misunderstanding and naivete regarding the check point procedure that I allowed it to wrongly color my reaction at that moment. After viewing the videotape and based upon Alex's behavior, Alex violated no clearly established law and he was well within his rights to walk where he walked. Additionally, the police did not issue ANY VERBAL WARNING OR ORDER TO ALEX therefore, Alex could not have been refusing any police directive at the moment he was accosted. The cops who man handled Alex violated clearly established law and had no basis whatsoever to interfere with Alex's expression of his First Amendment secured Rights. He is completely innocent of each of the bogus charges the Knoxville police lied about to bring against him. Read on.]

I've looked at the video of Alex WALKING over in front of the antis and in front of the barrier they were behind. He wasn't aggressive toward them or the police and merely held a sign up and occasionally shouting at them. They [the antis] were definitely shouting him down and several flipped him off with the middle finger salute. There were no signs that stated walking onto the street was prohibited and there was actually an opening clearly there for the purpose of ingress and egress.

The police walked over to him briskly and grabbing him by the arm jerked him around and began walking him over to the opposite side of the street. Alex did not physically act out toward the cops that grabbed him nor did he give any indication that he was going to hurt or cause them harm. They subsequently threw him down on the hot asphalt road face first. Two cops are sitting on top of him and one is casually pushing Alex's face into the hot asphalt road. There is no resistance and no violence of any kind by Alex Linder toward anyone present at the rally.

Although I don't think Alex is going to sue them the City of Knoxville has violated clearly established law and demonstrated deliberate indifference to the rights and safety of Alex Linder. One might even argue that the officers involved possessed malicious intent. There can be no justification for their overly harsh treatment of Alex Linder. There was apparently a prescribed process for entering the courthouse area but there was no clear notice of a prohibition against walking in the street.


Alex Linder was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault, and vandalism. He was initially held on $4,500 bail, but has since been bailed out. He suffered no permanent injury and so far has required no medical treatment.

Tripp's attitude towards and participation in the rally is an inspiring example of inter-organizational cooperation within the white nationalist community. Too bad his organizational "boss", White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper, doesn't quite share that attitude. When he learned of Alex Linder's arrest, Roper posted the following reaction on the White Revolution forum:

Apparently Alex Linder was arrested at the Knoxville protest this weekend, for refusing to submit to being searched and not going through a police checkpoint, and during the arrest he was roughed up by police.

Bill White has offered to pay his bail, but I doubt that will be necessary. With friends and mentors like Todd Van Biber (also detained for lesser charges) and Glen Miller on his side, Alex should be able to cut a deal with the police and get room service and a departmental commendation. Maybe even have a ticker tape parade thrown in. He might have to turn state's evidence, like Todd and Glenn, of course, but what does that matter, so long as he continues to provide witticisms calling the jews dirty names?

I guess the cops who arrested him didn't know how well connected he is. Man, will they ever be in trouble, now!

Funny thing is, Alex didn't make any protest when he and I and Pastor Butler were subjected to everything short of a body cavity search just to get on a bus to go to the protest in Topeka, Kansas, at the Brown Vs. Board of Education anniversary event.

The bad blood between Roper and Linder apparently centers around two issues. First, VNN was once hosted on a server owned by Roper, and in a brief dispute, Roper seized control of VNN for about a week. Second, Billy Roper, being a devotee of the Order, believes former White Patriot Party leader Glenn Miller to be a "traitor" because Miller testified against Order members, forgetting that Miller himself ended up in prison for three years. In addition, it is widely believed that Glenn Miller may have testified at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial in 1987 in such a manner as to prevent any of the defendants from being found guilty. However, being an inflexible hardshell extremist, Roper believes that any organization which uses Miller's talents is equally guilty, and so he denounces VNN at every turn.

Click HERE for Glenn Miller's rebuttal to Roper's accusations.

Chairman Roper would do well to remember the words of one of the Order members who he so professes to revere. Specifically, the late POW David Lane, who said "If someone looks white, acts white, talks white, and fights white, then, until proven otherwise, he is our folk". Very few people have looked, acted, talked, and fought white more than Glenn Miller. Roper may mean well, but his attitude on this particular issue better serves the interests of our adversaries.

By the way, when I posted the "late POW David Lane", I wrote correctly. Lane was delivered from his draconian prison sentence when he died in his sleep on May 28th, 2007. He was suffering from cancer. R.I.P.

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