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One People's Project Tries To Get Sharon Hewitt Fired From Her Kings County Court Job

Back on February 27th, 2007, a notorious anarchist antifa group called "One People's Project", which bills itself as the antidote to the National Alliance, posted an essay in which they outed Sharon Hewitt (pictured at left) as a supporter and possible member of the Vinlanders Social Club. At the time, Hewitt worked in the Office of Court Administrations (OCA) in Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, serving as the Court Assistant to Judge Jane Pearl, the Supervising Judge of Kings County (NY) Family Court. For those who are not from New York City, that means that Judge Pearl is in charge of the entire Family Court system in Brooklyn, which made Sharon Hewitt, in effect, her executive secretary.

Of course, One People's Project claims they took pains to ensure the accuracy of all their information, even going to her workplace at the Kings County Courthouse on Jay St. in Brooklyn to confirm it. They even went so far as to verify and publicly post Hewitt's home address, the latter which I consider a terroristic act which exposes people to harassment and actual danger, much like the vigilante campaign Rebecca Kushner-Matteer waged against her famous neighbor April Gaede in Kalispell, MT in 2006 (which you can read more about HERE). Some white nationalists occasionally will publicly post antis' home addresses publicly, but only after repeated provocations (such as when Hal Turner posted Judith's home address on his site after Judith wouldn't stop trolling him).

According to One People's Project, which some white nationalists colloquially refer to as "One Primate's Project", reflecting the dominant role played by a black member, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) have changed their name several times over the years, first being known as the Outlaw Hammerskins. They formed after being booted out of the original crew because they were too "intense" for mainstream Hammerskin tastes.

One People's Project (OPP) claims that Sharon Hewitt reportedly dated Jason Barnett (aka Jason Hoffman) of the American Thule Society (ATS). She reportedly even attended National Socialist Movement (NSM) rallies in Valley Forge, PA in September 2004 and Yorktown, VA in June 2005. In addition to ATS and VSC, Sharon allegedly frequents the third positionist crowd, meaning she may tolerate a bit more than most white nationalists would. That reportedly caused some friction between Sharon, Jason and the ATS. One issue has been the fact that her daughter has not only dated black men, they are allowed in the house. OPP also claims Sharon Hewitt has dated Brien James, the head of the Vinlanders. Early this year, the Vinlanders issued a statement claiming that they were out of the racialist business and had switched to "modern tribalism" (of course, I question whether they were ever truly in the racialist business to begin with).

One People's Project believes that Sharon Hewitt's position working for one of the more influential judges in New York City is a big issue, and they expressed the hope that they would not be the only ones raising it.

And, unfortunately their words proved prophetic. While Hewitt didn't get fired, she got transferred to a lesser job as a result of the publicity. In an article entitled "Neo-Nazi Grows In Brooklyn Family Court", published in the April 8th isse of New York Magazine, reporter Sean O'Donnell wrote the following:

Mein Gott! Sharon Hewitt, office assistant to Jane Pearl, the supervising judge at Kings County Family Court, has been removed from her position, after the court became aware of Hewitt’s long history as a neo-Nazi. Up until a few months ago, Hewitt regularly posted online on neo-Nazi sites under her neo-Nazi screen name. She’s been photographed attending multiple hate-group rallies and helped organize demonstrations in 2005 on behalf of veteran hatemonger Ernst Z√ľndel, who was wanted in Germany for denying the Holocaust. Court spokesman David Bookstaver says Hewitt has been moved out of Judge Pearl’s office and into a general administrative pool where she will not have access to confidential information, and that the court can’t fire her for her Nazi sympathies. “As repugnant as one might find her beliefs, we live in a country where she is entitled to them, as long as they do not impact on her duties,” says Bookstaver, who points out that it was the New York civil service that employed Hewitt, not Judge Pearl. “She sat for an exam, she got it,” he says. Hewitt denies ever being involved in the neo-Nazi movement. “I have hung around with bikers all my life,” she says. “If some of these people were part of that scene, then that’s what happened.”

New York civil service rules bar a civil service employee from being fired for lawful off-the-job political or personal associations.

The very next day (April 9th), One People's Project fired back with a celebratory essay bragging about their role in bringing Hewitt down a peg. They imperiously proclaimed the following:

Let that be a lesson to boneheads everywhere: You can’t expect to be in any kind of influential position if you are about this Neo-Nazi crap. You will not be allowed to have an influence on the lives of us and the people and things we care about, period. And don’t get all huffy about us talking about you when we do find ya. We have been around for almost seven years. You know how this works by now!

First of all, there's no evidence that Sharon Hewitt's a philosophical "neo-Nazi". Attending an NSM rally makes you no more a "neo-Nazi" than walking into a garage makes you a car. Antifa, including OPP representatives, attend NSM rallies; does that make them "neo-Nazis"?

Second, antifas hysterically exaggerate the magnitude and impact of the white nationalist movement. All white nationalist personalities are either white supremacists or neo-Nazis. Racists can never be forgiven. And if you take a look at their so-called Rogue's Gallery, it not only includes racists, but also people like Sean Hannity, Charlton Heston, and the Jewish neocon David Horowitz. Charlton Heston? WTF? They're putting "Moses" in a racist Rogue's Gallery? Now you see what fanatics these people are.

But it doesn't always go their way. You probably noticed a cute little catchphrase at the top of the main page of their website. It reads "Hate has its consequences". In November 2006, Daryle Lamont Jenkins found out that goes both ways. According to the Illinois National Socialist News Blog, Jenkins showed up at a Wilmington, Delaware punk rock party and starting harassing Keith Carney, who has been targetted by Jenkins since 2001, when he first came to the attention of Erica Hardwick, a Jenkins associate. However, what Jenkins didn't know is that nine members of the Keystone State Skinheads were in attendance, who promptly jumped in and turned the punk rock party into a low-calorie boot party on Jenkins. I say "low-calorie" because they didn't maim him, but merely dished out enough bumps and bruises to send him the message that, yes, hate does indeed have its consequences. Of course, Jenkins probably had to slurp his watermelon through a straw for a few days, but hey, he earned it. The OPP also supports the bloodthirsty cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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