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Is Mandie Kearns Being Set Up To Become The Shaun Walker Of Palm Springs?

As if it isn't enough that Shaun Walker, Travis Massey, and Eric Egbert are now facing a maximum of 20 years prison time for getting into two bar fights with non-whites four years ago in which NO permanent injury resulted, a white woman is being accused of hate crimes after getting into a scrap with a bunch of blacks in Palm Springs, defending herself with a knife, and inflicting injury upon two of the blacks. This post is based somewhat on a report published on April 23rd, 2007 in the Palm Springs Desert Sun

During a hearing for Mandie Kearns (pictured at left) on April 23rd, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Thomas N. Douglass refused to release Kearns on her own recognizance while facing attempted murder charges in the alleged "hate" crime stabbing of a black couple behind a Palm Springs coffeehouse, instead ordering that she remain in custody in lieu of $575,000 bail (mysteriously upped from the earlier $28,000 figure).

Judge Douglass also rescheduled her preliminary hearing -- which will determine if there is sufficient evidence to order her to stand trial on the charges -- to May 4th at the Larson Justice Center to allow a new attorney to become familiar with the case. The public defender who had been assigned to represent the 28-year-old defendant declared a "conflict", and another lawyer was appointed to represent her, according to court records.

Kearns, described by another source as a loving mother of five kids, faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a weapon likely to produce great bodily injury, along with hate crime and and gang enhancements. She also faces charges in two separate cases: receiving a stolen vehicle and possession of dangerous drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing. She pleaded not guilty to the six-count complaint on April 9th.

Kearns, described by police as an admitted member of a white supremacist gang, is accused of stabbing a black man and woman, both 20 years old, behind a Starbucks in the 100 block of South Belardo Road around 10 P.M. on April 5th. Police have said Kearns was in possession of a bloody knife and admitted her involvement in the attack when officers arrived on scene.

The victims, whose names were withheld, were taken to Desert Regional Medical Center. The man had stab wounds to his back and shoulder, and the woman had two collapsed lungs, according to Palm Springs Police Sgt. Mitch Spike.

Commentary: There appear to be significant differences between this official version of events, and the perspective reported by several people close to Mandie Kearns, including one who was present at the scene. Thanks to a report on the Aryan Barbarian's blog, we have their accounts. Click HERE to view Aryan Barbarian's post.

A person using the name Little_Sis47 and who identifies herself as Kearns' mother posted the following comment:

The police chief of Palm Springs is running for some high power government job right now and it sure looks good on his resume to take the credit for breaking up a gang of "White supremacist" trying to tear up his peaceful little town. What a crock of you know what. The truth is the police LIED. Mandie has an old tattoo on her lower arm, which she had put on when she was married. It's a picture of a feather and it has the words "featherwood" written under it. I understand this is a White supremacist sign and like I said she did hang with a White supremacist group of KIDS 10 years earlier. The truth is there were 5 white young adults and 15 to 20 blacks. Unfortunately there was also a knife and 2 people got hurt. I'm sure Mandie didn't do it and the police has the name of the person who did but, Gee, it sure looks better if they say the police saved the day by stopping a "gang" (5 people) from over powering and hurting 20 law abiding blacks. Please, the truth is this is a double standard crock of sh''! If the tables were turned you can rest assured no one would be in jail with a $600,000 bail. There would only, maybe, have been an investigation and no charges would have been filed and all would be well in Palm Springs, Calif. Please help!!! Show your outrage!!! Write letters, make phone calls, tell everyone that were tired of apologizing for things that happened a 100 years ago. NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Of course, you're thinking "Well, that's her mother and mothers are going to defend their kids". O.K., but another person who chose to remain Anonymous, but who identifies herself as Mandie's sister-in-law, posted a comment (scroll down to the 5th comment) stating that she saw Mandie walking down the street when she was accosted by a large number of feral blacks throwing rocks and calling her a "Nazi". By the time the sister-in-law caught up, the fight was on, and the sister-in-law states that Mandie was on the ground fighting with the black female who eventually got stabbed.

And in response to an earlier article published April 10th in the North County (San Diego-area) Times, two more commenters step forward to defend Mandie Kearns:

cindy wrote on April 10, 2007 10:21 PM: "mandie kearns has been my best friend since 1999. she is in no way a white supremist. she is a wonderful and beautiful woman who is a mother of five and a woman who I AM PROUD to have my children call aunt mandie. I believe that she is a woman who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are wondering if I am just a white power degenerate that is just trying to add sugar to a sour situation let me set your mind at ease. I am happily married to a mexican man and have three beautiful half mexican children. My other best friend also named Mandy is black in fact the three of us have spent a lot of good times together.My aunt is black, so no I am not a racist, nor is mandie kearns. the truth is eternal and god will protect mandie from the terrible lies, accusations and false witnesses against her in jesus name...amen"

Nikki wrote on April 12, 2007 9:13 AM: "I believe that Mandie not guilty she is a very nice woman. I don't believe that she could or even would do any thing to hurt anyone from another race. when I first met her she was very nice and she even was plesant to my family, who is mexican indian. I believe that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think the real criminal is still out there and is letting people believe Mandie is guilty. The real criminal needs to come forward and admit the truth."

Unfortunately, none of these people can explain how Mandie Kearns was found with a bloody knife in her pocket, if indeed the police are telling the truth about the knife.

It's also possible that police are lying about Mandie being a "white supremacist", since three of the four witnesses cited above deny that she is a supremacist. Besides, do you really think a white woman married to a Mexican man would be defending a "white supremacist"?

The term "white supremacist", when used in that context, is actually a smear. The more precise term is "white nationalist". Within the white nationalist community, there are a few "white supremacists", and a few more "national socialists", but the majority are white separatists who simply want peaceful separation of the races.

My take is that Mandie Kearns may be the victim of a reputation. Perhaps in the past she was a wild woman who had difficulties with the local blacks. But even though she's apparently settled down now, the local blacks won't forgive her past, and when they saw here outside the Starbucks, and knowing that they outnumbered her, decided to scam and jam her. Blacks don't like to fight against whites unless the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor. However, Kearns decided to fight back. As far as I'm concerned, it's self-defense even if she used a knife. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six (unless you're in Salt Lake City, where being judged by twelve can be worse than being carried by six).

Those who want to help out Mandie Kearns while she's in jail can send U.S. Postal Money Orders (NO checks or cash!) to the following address:

Mandie Kearns
Robert Presley Detention Center
P.O. Box 710
Riverside, CA 92510

Click on the link to find out more about their inmate mail policy.

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