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How A White Man From Charleston, S.C. Became Racially Conscious - And Stormfront's Apparent Indifference

While browsing the Vanguard News Network Forum I discovered that a poster named Chrissy had opened up a thread where she posted a link to a particular post on the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum. An individual posting under the name of "Frankml2" had described how he had become racially conscious. He did not acquire race consciousness from a pro-white newspaper. He did not acquire race consciousness from a book. He did not acquire race consciousness from a YouTube video. He did not acquire race consciousness from an agitprop rally.

Instead, he acquired race consciousness from two black men who contrived to be in trouble, pretended to befriend him, and then proceeded to beat race consciousness into him with a wrench, stealing his goods, breaking his ankle, and costing him five weeks of lost work time. And then, to add insult to injury, they told him it was because "they were black, he was white, and they could do that". This happens to countless whites in countless cities all over Amerikwa. Unlike many whites though, Frank tried to fight back, and was doing quite well until the second black clocked him with a wrench (good thing he was in Charleston rather than Salt Lake City, or he would have been charged with a hate crime for fighting back).

Here's his story in its entirety (I've cleaned up a few typos and organized it into more compact paragraphs, being the incurable wordsmith that I am).

I am a white man living in Charleston S.C. I have a story I would like to tell you and would also like to get your thoughts on. Being raised in the south, racism is and always has been part of life. I, unlike others here in the south was raised to see past a persons skin to what the God has placed in there heart. To love, serve, and try my best to help my fellow man no matter what there skin color may be.

Today my outlook has changed due to what has happened to me. Looking to see if a organization exists that will stand up for the rights of the middle-class white man. I found
David Duke's web site. I spent most of the day listening to his recorded radio show. To be honest with you at first I was a little taken back. I had heard of him from the news when I was younger. He were labeled a person who hates anyone that's not white. As I sat at my computer taking it all in, I started to hear and relate with what he are saying. It was a huge eye opener. I could not get enough. I said to myself, I want to hear more. I started checking out the links on his web page. I found this site [Stormfront]. I posted this one time before, but for some reason it has been removed. This is my story of what happened to me.

On the night of Feb. 20, 2007 I was coming home from work. I pulled up in my drive way in a middle class racially-diverse neighborhood. As I got out of my truck I noticed a black male standing in my yard. He was between me and my front door. He ask me if I would let him use my phone to call a ride, that he was not from around here and was stranded when he and his girlfriend had gotten in a fight. I, without a second thought let him, thinking that he really needed my help. I talked to this man. I befriended this man. We talked and joked. I gave him information on how to get a job at the plant I work at. He ask me if I could wait around a few more minutes till his ride called back to help them get here. I was enjoying talking with him. I said no problem I could wait around as long as he needed.

At this time a 2ND black male walked up the street. My new "so-called" friend said that he knew him and went down to talk to him. When he walked back up to me and said that he was his boy and knew his people, that he would make sure he got home. He asked if he could use the phone again to call his ride, so that they would not have to come. I gave him the phone. That's when things got bad. As he was using the phone, I was asked for some of my food that I have gotten from a fast food place on the way home (I had not eaten all day long). I told him I was really hungry and just wanted to get in side, eat and go to bed. That when he said "Not tonight, motherfucker" and wrapped a rope around my neck. Choking and fighting for breath, I lifted him on my back and rammed him into the garage doors. I got loose and started to hit him to get away. That's when the 2ND guy came running up and hit me over the head with a large wrench. They both knocked me to the ground, stomped and broke my ankle. Once on the ground they kept hitting me over and over again on the head. I was kicked and told that I was going to die. They robbed me of my wallet, keys, cell phone, laptop computer and even my fast food.

As they were beating me unmercifully I asked them why they were doing this to me. I screamed I was just trying to help you out. I was told and I quote, "because I'm black and you're white and I can". I pleaded with them that I was a father with six children. To please just take what they wanted and go. I was told again that I was a dead man. I was made to roll over on my stomach. I thought this was going to be the end of my life. I prayed to God to look after my wife and kids. To forgive me for all the wrong I had done in my life. I could hear them going through my stuff as I was still being kicked and hit with the wrench. When they had found the $500 cash I had in my wallet to pay a bill that would not take a check, that's when they told me to start counting to 100. I was told not to look up and if I did they would blow my head off. I started to count and got to 35 when I was kicked several more times and told to start over again. Then the first one told the second one to give him the gun, he was just going to shoot me. I heard one tell the other to get my book bag with my laptop in it and my bag of fast food. I got kicked a few more times and told that if he seen any cops after him, that he would come back and kill me and my family. I ended up with a broken ankle, 30 stitches in six places in my head and a sense of fear that last till this day. I was out of work for 5 weeks.

Now, how should I feel? I was a victim of a hate crime. I was beaten and robbed because I am white. I have no voice to speak for me. There is no NAACP to stand up for my rights. I just have myself and a few friends, some of which are black, and family to stand by me. The people that did this to me are still walking the streets. No full-blown FBI investigation was made. The same two guys are still out doing the same thing to people. All of their other victims are white also. I struggle every day to try to understand this. I a little lost. I'm angry. A day after having this happen to me I was interviewed for the local news, to tell my story. The trailer for my story was "Can this be called a hate crime?". However, my story was broadcasted an hour after another story in which the NAACP was involved in.

Naturally, as you can probably assume, the answer to whether or not my situation could be considered a hate crime [is that] the police and the public do not think it is. The story I mentioned earlier involving the NAACP was related to a shooting of a black man by police officers in clear self defense, after the man stabbed one of the officers in a pursuit. Why, I have decided to write and tell you my story, is that it truly concerns me that, while a black man or woman are obviously cleared from being accused of committing a hate crime a white person is quick to be condemned and judged, even if the intentions were not racially motivated. I had a few replies on the first post. So. in this one I was to make it clear. My eyes are open. Some one once told me that there was a race war coming. My statement today would be its already here. I have taken steeps to insure that nothing like this will ever happen to me again. I plan to be an active part of my white brother and sisterhood.

Thanks for your time,


What I can't understand is why Stormfront would have removed his first post. After all, it is supposed to be a white nationalist discussion forum, and Frank's story makes a great motivational and recruiting tool. People who change their thinking for emotional reasons oftentimes end up backsliding unless reinforced by like-minded people. Stormfronters ought to be reaching out to this guy. I guarantee you that if he'd posted this account on VNN Forum, he'd have at least 9 supportive replies (and, being VNN, at least one "flame" cuz that's just the way we are) within the first hour. He would also find the National Alliance or the ANSWP more supportive than Stormfront.

Of course, skells of all races have shopped phony distress scenarios to scam and jam gullible lemmings. But the salient point here is that Frank now realizes that blacks aren't just the underprivileged victims Jesse and Al portray them to be, but that some are brutal savages. The scenario of non-white Human Relation Councils lording it over white people portrayed in The Turner Diaries is not as fanciful as it once seemed. The judicial atrocity of Shaun Walker, Travis Massey and Eric Egbert now facing up to 20 years in prison for two bar fights against non-whites in which no one was permanently injured is one more step down this road. And now, there is a danger that the recent Virginia Tech massacre will result in more stringent gun control, perhaps ultimately leading to a British-style ban. Take heed, white America. Wake up less painfully than Frank.

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