Thursday, March 15, 2007

National Vanguard Dissolves Its Parent Corporation, Ceases Operations

National Vanguard, a splinter organization started by former members of the National Alliance, has officially dissolved its parent corporation in the State of Virginia, and appears to have now ceased organizational operations, although their website at is still online (Note: Since this post, the National Vanguard website also went offline). Ironically, it was the National Alliance which first broke the news. National Vanguard itself has made no reference to this development on their website.

The organization, started by Kevin Strom in 2003 after he was fired from the National Alliance after only producing six issues of National Vanguard magazine in nearly three years (of what was supposed to be a six-issue per year magazine), has struggled from its inception, despite being overhyped by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other enemies of the white nationalist community in an attempt to discredit white nationalism and tarnish the legacy of the late Chairman of the National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce. The announcement of the dissolution of the organization was contained in a letter sent out from the main writer for the group's news site in California. This letter is replicated as follows:

As a result of the dissolution of National Vanguard's parent corporation in the State of Virginia, we are returning what funds we have of in our possession to the senders. The personal information we have of all those who have been in communication with National Vanguard has been, and will continue to be, protected. began in August of 2003 with a vision to provide pro-White people with daily news, commentary and analysis from a pro-White perspective.

Now V-News has served its purpose. Many of our staff members are moving on to other projects and new horizons. We thank all of you for your loyal support over the life of this project.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Thank you once again for your support and loyalty.

National Vanguard Staff

Yet there's been no announcement on the National Vanguard website itself. There were signs, however, that the site was being neglected. On March 13th, and 14th, no stories were posted, a first since they normally posted several stories every day without exception. The stories were normally accompanied by detailed and concise analysis. On March 15th, two stories were posted, but both merely referred to YouTube videos and contained little commentary. Those bloggers who have linked to any National Vanguard graphics may want to upload them to the photo-hosting site of their choice NOW, in case the National Vanguard site goes offline.

National Vanguard itself has been sputtering for a while now, as the membership soon found out why Strom had been fired, despite the fact that he was the National Alliance’s most highly paid staffer. First, money was collected under the pretext that the organization would continue publishing National Vanguard magazine. This was written into the membership application form. Four free issues were promised in exchange for dues. However, when it became apparent that Strom was unable to produce another issue of the magazine, he then switched gears and started collecting money for a new publication, “V”. This publication likewise also never saw the light of day, leading to the departure of two of the strongest and most active units, the Tampa and Denver units, who quit in protest over the non-appearance, despite money having been collected, of the promised publication. These two units subsequently formed a new organization called the Nationalist Coalition. While just as racialist as the National Alliance, the Nationalist Coalition employs a more paleoconservative style and is much more reticent about "naming the Jew". One of their leaders, John Ubele, unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the Mosquito Control Board in Tampa last year.

Then a lifeline was thrown: Strom was offered the editorship of The Truth at Last and to turn that into a publication for the organization. One issue saw the light of day, and then no more. Eventually the original publisher of TTAL, Dr. Ed Fields, was forced to take back the paper and fire Strom.

However, what may have driven the final nails into National Vanguard's coffin were the successive indictments of two prominent NV members on sex-related charges. First, Kevin Alfred Strom, who had been NV's Director until deciding to take a leave absence, was indicted on January 3rd on so-called "child porn" charges. These consisted of exactly three pictures (wow, what a collection!), as well as "witness tampering" charges (another of those "administrative" charges a prosecutor dusts off during a moment of desperation). Shortly thereafter, Matt Downing, the Boston NV Unit Coordinator, was arrested for the alleged statutory rape of a 14-year old girl. Despite putting forth a brave outer face, National Vanguard and particularly Kevin Alfred Strom endured savage criticism from some segments within the white nationalist community, despite the flimsiness of the evidence and the supposed presumption of innocence.

Click HERE to view the two-page Strom indictment in PDF format and see for yourself how flimsy these charges are.

In their post, the National Alliance states that they regret a number of activists were taken in by the splinter organization circus, and invites all those ordinary members who were taken in (as opposed to the genuine trouble causers), who still wish to see Dr. Pierce’s legacy be fulfilled, to consider rejoining the Alliance. Since the National Alliance is now out of its holding pattern and is moving forward once again, planning to host a Second International Holocaust Revisionist Conference at Hillsboro, WV, on May 26-27, 2007, some former NV members undoubtedly will accept the invitation. A few may join the Nationalist Coalition.

What concerns me about all of this is just as the Feds have tried to splinter the white nationalist movement with bogus or inflated weapons charges and civil rights charges against activists like Chester Doles and Shaun Walker, they may now try to do the same thing using "sex offenses" charges, taking advantage of the natural distaste that most responsible white nationalists have for such creatures. America as a whole is in the midst of a "pedophilia hysteria" feeding frenzy, with new restrictions being levied almost daily against former sex offenders who've already paid their debt to society (now Ohio wants to give them special license plates).

However, a more experienced observer of the movement, Libertarian Socialist News Editor Bill White, has a different take on this issue. He believes Strom is guilty because of other irregularities he's observed on Strom's part since 2003. He also castigates those who question Elisha Strom's role in this, although Elisha is the ESTRANGED wife of Kevin, and she would have ample motive to portray Kevin in the blackest possible terms. While I don't know Elisha Strom personally, I'm not sure I can trust her motives. Click HERE to read Bill White's article on this subject.

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