Saturday, March 31, 2007

American National Socialist Workers Party Activist Harassed By Maryland Cops Over Literature Distributions

A Maryland-based American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) activist, Tim Bland, reported that he has been receiving police harassment over the distribution of pro-white literature in Howard County and Baltimore County in Maryland. Using information gleaned from the literature and the ANSWP main website, and following up with the Department of Motor Vehicles, they determined that Tim Brand was responsible for the literature distribution and contacted him "informally" to "discuss" it. Brand's account of the incident, along with a reply from ANSWP Commander Bill White, is posted below. First is Brand's post (graphic above left courtesy of

Greetings Comrades:

I am wondering if anyone is having similar problems with fliering. This past Monday I was contacted by the Howard County Maryland Police, who got my name off the ANSWP website from a flier,they went to DMV records and got my home address. They threatened to fine me for the fliers, saying we violated a county law or something. The officer was very rude and said that us "racist trash" were not allowed in Howard County with our "racist garbage"! Then, on Tuesday, the Baltimore County Police stopped by and told me the same thing, only the BCPD officer was a lot more civil and kinder than the HCPD officer. I told the HCPD that law enforcement coming after me for fliers in Maryland is like harassing George Bush for Republican fliers posted in Maryland. It's basically discrimination, especially since I went back and looked at where we had our fliers, and they removed ours, but left other fliers. How come the laws apply only to us? The cops said people were "afraid of the swastika"!

My next concern is, since it was so easy for the police to find my home address from getting my name off the ANSWP website, how easy is it for any jews and/or communists agitators to get my home address and threaten myself or my family members? Not that I am afraid, if they come around here, they will be filled with holes and sent to Hell with the jews! But, I am concerned about my family members, who are just innocent bystanders.

Tim Bland

Bill White promptly responded to the query (Note: If you page through the entire NSMAmerica site, you'll find that White is a hands-on leader who provides his troops immediate and effective support).

Re: Fliering Problems/Security Concerns


First, what the police did is wholly inappropriate and illegal. If the police come to your door and make such statements, you should inform them that you have nothing to say and ask them to either charge you with something or leave. Believe me, if they had something to charge you with, they would not have merely threatened you. Their intent is to break the law by intimidating you into stopping, and such acts should be ignored.

Second, anyone with your name and the state you live in can find out where you live for $12 on the internet. They can also get your social security number, where you bank, your credit cards, and all your personal information for just a few dollars more.

Both are just the price of public activism -- and is something all of us deal with regularly. Don't let it bother you for the exact reason you mentioned -- anyone breaking the law will be filled full of holes, and if the police harass you, be confident that you will in court.

Also, be aware of the municipal codes of any city and county you are active in, and if you have questions, post them here. You can read local ordinances and codes at:


Commentary: Sound advice. I will add a few more points for the benefit of those who distribute literature on a regular basis:

1). U.S. Mail boxes are OFF LIMITS. If you place literature in a U.S. Mail box, it is criminally actionable. Not only do you expose yourself, but you could also expose the organization you are representing to criminal liability.

2). Other "boxes". Private delivery services (such as UPS, FedEx, etc.) along with many newspapers supply boxes to be placed on residences for carriers to place newspapers in. While it is not necessarily criminally actionable to place literature in one of these boxes, it could be considered "theft of services" to do so, exposing yourself and/or your organization to civil liability. This may also include the tactic of purchasing a newspaper from a rack, then inserting copies of pro-white literature into all remaining newspapers in the rack before you close the rack. The political unpopularity of pro-white literature increases the risk and likelihood of such an occurrence. Forewarned is forearmed.

3). "Driveway" distribution. As Bill White stated, check your local ordinances in advance. Call up the responsible office, masquerade as a new "businessman" wanting to promote your "business", and ask what the ground rules are for door-to-door distribution. In some case, this type of distribution may be considered "littering". In other cases, it's "littering" if you throw it on the lawn, but O.K. if you throw it in the driveway.

4). Parking lot distribution. Depends on whether the lot is privately or publicly-owned. If it is privately-owned, and you're caught planting flyers on windshields, you could have problems. If there are posted signs barring such activity, refrain from using this option. Even if you fight them in court and win, you would still be out the money you used for a defense.

Above all, don't lie to the cops. If you distributed, and you tell them you didn't, and they find out you did, then you'll have problems. Simply tell them respectfully but assertively that you choose not to discuss the issue.

Happy flyering!


Bill White said...

So, when are we going to have an Alaska unit?


Anchorage Activist said...

I guess when somebody like me gets off his keister and makes it happen. My work schedule makes it difficult.

But until such time, at least I can spread awareness. Full-time home internet access is a necessary first step and I hope to have this problem solved next week.