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American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Member Jack Gray To Run For District 4 Seat On Salt Lake City Council

Special Note: Post updated April 30th to reflect some new information, posted in green.

First, American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White declared his intent to run for mayor of Roanoke, Virginia. Now, another ANWSP member is following in his footsteps - and this one has previously run for elective office twice.

Salt Lake City resident Jack Gray (pictured at left, from the Utahamicus Blog) has announced his intent to run for the District Four seat on the Salt Lake City Council. The announcement is posted on his campaign website, which is now separate and distinct from the official ANSWP Utah State website he operates as the state leader of the organization. Gray also has a strictly personal blogsite, where he also discusses his philosophy and his impending campaign. Link:


Here is some background information of Gray, courtesy of the Utahamicus Blog. Gray grew up in an activist family in West Valley City, Utah. His family was always politically aware, and he frequently volunteered for various political campaigns, with the intent of running for office at some point in the future. He served in the military for three years, which included 18 months in Germany. Gray also holds a Political Science degree from the University of Utah and considers himself a First Amendment activist. This individual sounds like a prize catch for the ANSWP.

The earliest record of race-consciousness on Gray's part that I could find was back in 2001, when the Utah Chronicle published his letter to the editor in which he discloses his efforts to contribute to the political diversity of the local community by distributing Creativity and National Alliance literature. He served as the Utah contact for the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), hosting a visit by its leader, Matt Hale, in June 2001, and also associated with the National Socialist White People's Party. The Anti-Defamation League also disclosed that Gray attempted to organize pro-white rallies at the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

In 2003, while working as a full-time night custodian at the HPER West building, Gray launched his first try for elective office, running for the District 4 seat on the Salt Lake City Council. Gray cited his efforts at helping Rocky Anderson get elected mayor of Salt Lake as part of his experience portfolio, and pledged to use his influence to help college graduates find jobs. In response to a 2003 Deseret News candidate questionnaire, he pledged to combat crime by funding and hiring more police officers, to encourage more home ownership by promoting HUD programs designed to encourage it and finding ways to lower interest rates, and to revitalize downtown by supporting the mixed-use development scheme at The Gateway, a "New Urbanist"-style community several blocks west of downtown which sprung up around the old Union Pacific train station. He finished fourth in a field of four with 180 votes, or 7.23% of the total. The following Utah Daily Chronicle article provides more details.

In 2006, Gray launched a second attempt at elective office, this time running for the District 25 Seat of the Utah House of Representatives. He chose to run as a Democrat. He expressed considerable interest in environmental issues. He wanted to enact legislation designed to regulate mercury content and lower pollution levels in the Great Salt Lake, as well as improve air quality by seeking ways to reduce pollution. Because of its "bowl" shape, the Salt Lake Valley is subject to periodic smog outbreaks during the winter when inversions set up, trapping colder, polluted air in the lower levels of the atmosphere. Gray also wanted to increase funding for the Division of Air Quality to re-establish monitors which had been closed as a result of previous budget cuts, and for open spaces which are part of the LeRay McAllister Open Space Fund. However, this agenda evidently did not impress voters, and public revelations of his positions on race greased the skids for his loss in the primary election to Christine Johnson, who ultimately prevailed in the general election.

The expanded biography slated to appear in the May 2007 issue of National Socialist magazine published by the ANSWP will undoubtedly inform us as to why Gray specifically chose the ANSWP as his primary outlet for further pro-white activism, as well as provide us with further details about his previous election campaigns (Note: This biography was indeed published, and the "thumbnails" for the May 2007 issue can be viewed HERE). While Gray is unlikely to win the election, the lessons he learned from previous campaigns combined with support from the ANSWP and the demonstrated political savvy of its Commander, Bill White, will ensure he does surprisingly well, finishing with a double-digit percentage. Prospective voters may be turned off somewhat by Gray's previous political association with lame-duck Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson. Anderson, controversial enough because of his pronounced anti-war stance in one of the "reddest" of the red states (Dick Cheney, of all people, is slated to deliver the upcoming commencement address at Brigham Young University), inspires open hostility amongst many Utahns because of his chronic grandstanding, which results in him neglecting his duties as mayor. However, this could be countered by the fact that Salt Lake City and the immediately surrounding communities have become seriously infested with "diversity" and its attendant baggage (adjoining West Valley City has a least one gang-related shooting every week), driving harried whites to seek an organization not afraid to boldly expose, confront, and combat the real problems of diversity.

Nonetheless, the presence of a national socialist on the ballot will afford the voters of District 4 an opportunity to thumb their nose at the system and deliver the ultimate message of rejection - that NONE of the existing political parties are satisfactory. But the real advantage to this campaign will be organizational - the resultant publicity will build the Utah State Unit of the ANSWP into a noticeable and active political force in state politics. The absence of any detectable competing white nationalist organizations in the state provides the ANSWP with a clear field for mobilization and organization. The Utah State Unit could easily become one of the five strongest state units in the ANSWP within a couple of years.

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