Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ziopedia Webmaster Andrew Winkler Believes Eric Hunt's Account Of Elie Wiesel Confrontation A "Spoof"

Ziopedia webmaster Andrew Winkler believes that Eric Hunt did not personally participate in the confrontration with Holocaust propagandist Elie Wiesel, and that Hunt's account may be a "spoof". The latest information on this incident is posted HERE.

After Hunt posted the account on the Ziopedia website, Winkler posted the following additional comments afterwards:

[Editor's note: ZioPedia.org's article on an alleged attempt - by an author identifying himself as 'Eric Hunt' - to force 'Holocult Pope' Elie Wiesel to an interview and a confession that his supposedly non-fictional books on his experience as a 'Holocaust survivor', have caused considerable interest in mainstream media. At this stage, we are unable to identify whether this article itself is fictional or not, but my gut feeling is that it is a spoof. The Rebel Team receives between 500-1000 emails every day with article submission and - being an entirely volunteer based virtual team of dissident activists, it is impossible for us to do a lot - if any - research, before posting any submissions.

As a result of articles in Fox News, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, Jerusalem Pest and others, the usual number of visits of the ZioPedia.org site skyrocketed over the last couple of days. I would like to mention that we appreciated to be referred to by Fox News, the site we received the most hits from, as an 'anti-Zionist blog' and not as an 'anti-Semitic site' as we are usually called by the Chosen Media. Not that it bothers us much these days, given the fact that all it takes to be labelled an anti-Semite is to say anything only remotely critical of the racist Zionist entity and her fifth column, also known as the 'pro-Israel lobby'. Just ask Jimmy Carter, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer about their experiences on that matter.

Anyhow, given the huge interest on the 'Holocult Pope' case, we have decided to republish our 'Elie Wiesel' entry in our online encyclopedia section . The contents of the entry might shed a bit more light on what might have motivated the alleged attacker. Wiesel is considered by many dissidents to be the biggest fraud in the entire holocaust industry, and the more attention is drawn to the fictional nature of his supposedly 'non-fictional' writings, the better. The fact that many people immediately consider doing so to be anti-Semitic is only proof of the degree to which Western societies have been brainwashed..

One last comment, the reason why the ZioPedia.org site went offline on Saturday morning (Sydney time!) was the result of the intervention of some over-zealous Zionist or Big Brother agency, who seems to think that laws are only there to protects Jews from Gentiles, but not the other way round. As a result, we are now forced to our third server upgrade since the launch of our anti-Zionist site in May 2006. We appeal to anyone sympathetic to our cause to support us by becoming a regular donor or making a one-off donation. Links to the online donation forms can be found at the bottom of most articles. -- Andrew Winkler]

Commentary: So if Eric Hunt is spoofing everyone and did not confront Elie Wiesel, the question is why would he want to take credit for it? Hunt posted the article on Ziopedia on February 6th; the first mainstream media accounts of this story didn't surface until afterwards. There are similarities between Hunt's account and Wiesel's account. I'd say there's a 50-50 chance one way or the other. Strange. Hunt also takes credit for the confrontation on his own blog.

Ziopedia has posted two additional stories about Elie Wiesel since the San Francisco incident; one entitled "Who Is Elie Wiesel?", and another entitled "Elie Wiesel and the Catholics". Both are worth reading.

Ziopedia is an Australian web site operated by Rebel Media Group.


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