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Do Racial Skinheads Limit Their Own Effectiveness?

Along with the swastika and the SA uniform employed by the National Socialist Movement, racial skinheads constitute one of the most controversial aspects of the pro-white movement. Because many skinheads misbehave or, in some cases, use white nationalism merely as protective cover for hooliganism, they not only promote the negative stereotyping of all racial skinheads, but also bring down oppressive measures against the pro-white movement as a whole. Consequently, many people who become openly pro-white, whether skinhead or mainstream suffer political and economic persecution. They can even become the targets of unsolicited violence by misguided members of the public or hardcore antifa like One People's Project.

The picture you see at left, courtesy of the Vinlanders website, highlights the problem. These people cater to the popular stereotype. In addition, this appearance can hinder the range of one's employability. Note the women at the extreme left and extreme right of the picture, with the tattoos on their arms. If either one were to walk into Goldman-Sachs looking for a job, do you really think they'd be hired? O.K., I know what you're thinking. You'd never ask for a job a Goldman-Sachs, because that's a Jewish-owned company, and there's no way you're going to work for "da Jooz", right? Well, guess what? If the alternative to "working for da Jooz" is going on the dole, I guess you're probably going to work for "da Jooz" so you can support yourself, and, more importantly, any WIFE AND KIDS you might have, until such day as you can open up your own business. Then you will have the luxury of not needing to work for "da Jooz". Remember, the Bible states that the man who wilfully refuses to support his family is WORSE than an infidel.

Eric Thomson, a frequent literary contributor to the Vanguard News Network, also describes his reservations about the effectiveness of skinheads, citing his military experience to support his conclusions. I replicate a portion of his post below:

My reservation about the effectiveness of skinheads is based on my own military experience. Americans like to laugh at the British redcoats who were so visible to concealed snipers. The British themselves adopted khaki or dirt-colored uniforms when weapons & marksmanship improved, but they still paraded into battle, much to the Boers’ delight. The last thing a soldier wants in modern warfare is to attract the attention of the enemy. I benefit, aside from the obvious fact that I am White, by wearing no badges of my political affiliations. I have no tattoos, which all cops love, which is like displaying one’s rap sheet on a sandwich board, wherever one goes. When one is visible, one is vulnerable, especially when we are outnumbered & outgunned by the enemies of our race. Soldiers do not wear big red targets, but skinheads do. Those of us who want to be effective do not advertise the enemy of our beliefs in advance. This tells me that skinheads do not want to be effective, & they are not.

Outward display often betrays inner weakness, as in the case of skinhead leader George Burdi, alias Reverend Eric Hawthorne of the CCTC. How quickly he caved in to ZOG pressure & betrayed his touted principles, after such defiant displays! I’m not happy about his behavior, but I am not surprised. I have stood up for my principles in public because I did not turn off the public before they heard what I ave to say. It is better to gain entrance than to have the door slammed in your face. Of course, there is nothing wrong with skinheads associating wtih fellow skinheads at a skinhead party, or KKK members donning their costumes, but it is wise to doff such uniforms in public, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, & to keep one’s job & to doff such uniforms in public, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, & to keep one’s job & lodgings.

One fellow got into a fight before he’d crossed the sidewalk from his car to our office in Toronto, & we asked him to leave because he was bleeding all over the place from his nose, which had been punched by a pedestrian whom he’d antagonized on his 5-step journey from his car to our entrance. Now, that is pretty dysfunctional! Other Toronto skinheads could not make it to meetings. They got into trouble with cops or into fights in their attempts to cross town. I’ve faced jews & fought them in the streets, but at least I could make it to the scene of the fight & not get waylaid en route. My comrades needed me with them, & not somewhere else. As you say, discipline is necessary if we are to be effective. Knowing when not to fight is just as important as knowing when to fight.

The last two lines are of utmost import. Working for a cause that has been so marginalized and demonized as ours requires a certain degree of discretion and prudence. The fact that ordinary civilians feel a duty to confront and assault skinheads pursuing their lawful public business does not make it legal for them do so, but they've been brainwashed by the Jewish-dominated media and elite that "racism" is so evil that they feel morally justified to physical attack the most visible symbol of "racism"; namely, skinheads.

This doesn't mean skinheads can't show racial pride. Shave your head, wear boots if desired, maybe get a couple of discrete tattoos. But when you vandalize your entire body with tattoos and turn yourself into a walking billboard for white power, in today's hypercharged political climate you will invite unprovoked confrontration, get assaulted, and possibly end up in the hospital, which not only deprives the movement of your participation, but can impose further physical and financial hardship upon you. Or you can wind up in jail on contrived "hate crime" charges. Look what happened to former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker. He wasn't a skinhead, he lawfully defended himself in a couple of bar fights, yet despite the fact that no state charges were ever filed against him, the Feds cooked up some bogus Federal civil rights charges against him and two others 3 1/2 years later. Indicted in June 2006, he's still out on bail, but also still awaiting a trial which has been already twice postponed. His life has been on hold now for nearly eight months. And one of the conditions of his bail was to sever all ties with the white nationalist movement and its participants. He's effectively hors de combat.

Another example of this problem is the National Socialist Movement's Presidential candidate, John Taylor Bowles (pictured at left, seated in the center, courtesy of his campaign website). He's been making campaign appearances in full NSM uniform. But how do you think people will react if a guy wearing a full SA uniform shows up at their door? They will likely react in two ways - either they will look for some candy to give him, or they'll look for a baseball bat. Wearing the full NSM uniform at NSM events is fine. Wearing it on the campaign trail - that needs to be rethought. An NSM candidate for elective office must dress more mainstream to be taken seriously. Wear a business suit or at least Dockers-type clothing with a swastika armband, or maybe a swastika pin or medallion attached above the pocket or upon the lapel. This would be much smarter.

The NSM will not gain credibility by slavishly imitating Hitler's movement. Instead, they should follow the example of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) by using the Hitler movement merely as a foundation upon which to build a much more contemporary version of national socialism. Hitler didn't imitate anyone else, and neither should Jeff Schoep. Hitler remains an inspiration to national socialists and many other white nationalists today, but we must remember that he operated in a DIFFERENT time, confronting DIFFERENT conditions. We must factor these differences into our current strategy and tactics.

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