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Literary Review: The White Patriot Leader #2

Last week, I received an advance copy of issue #2 of The White Patriot Leader, published by the Vanguard News Network. Their first issue was published a year ago. The 16-page newspaper can also be viewed and downloaded online, in PDF format.

The White Patriot Leader is a periodical reporting selected stories and various essays reflecting the white nationalist point of view. This is in keeping with the mission of the Vanguard News Network, although its website administrator and publisher, Alex Linder, throws open the Vanguard News Network Forum to all who care to join and participate, whether pro-white, neutral, or anti-white. Such high regard for free speech is actually infrequent throughout the blogosphere, which evolved precisely to increase free speech across the board for people. The editor of The White Patriot Leader is longtime white nationalist activist Frazier Glenn Miller, who became famous by leading the largest white civil rights organization in the U.S. during the '80s. The organization, known initially as the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (CKKKK) and ultimately as the White Patriot Party, commanded the allegiance of 5,000 members at its peak before it was almost singlehandedly destroyed by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which focuses almost exclusively on white "racist" groups, but only takes passing swipes at black and Latino racist groups.

The texture and appearance of the newspaper is completely professional, comparing favorably with the quality of typical daily newspapers throughout the country. Typos and grammatical errors are at an absolute minimum. VNN has obviously paid meticulous attention to style.

Political cartoons are interspersed throughout the entire newspaper. Many cartoons actually focus on non-racial issues, such as civil rights and freedom of speech. Others do depict non-whites in a caricaturesque light, intended to awaken the white community to the excesses of non-whites and the role that organized Jewish lobbies and the Jewish elite play behind the scenes to stir up non-whites with false expectations.

Eight essays are included in issue #2. I'll list and evaluate them as follows:

1). Too White, Too Strong. Contributed by Joe Kowalski, who also writes for By publicizing the accomplishments of white Eastern European boxers, who are replacing blacks and Latinos as boxing champions, he attempts to debunk the notion of black athletic supremacy. He cites examples of commentators who have been disciplinec or even fired for suggesting that some black athletes get more favorable publicity just because they're black.

2). Why "They" Promote Homosexuality In Public Schools...And Everywhere Else. Written by Alex Linder specifically to appeal to the social conservative who otherwise might feel guilty about reading a pro-white newspaper. For that reason alone, this article clearly is the most useful contribution to this newpaper. Linder cites various statistics to support the contention that "gay isn't happy". He cites instances of homosexual outreach into high schools to support the concern that homosexuals are actively recruiting our youth. He also identifies the major role that the Jewish-dominated media and entertainment business play in planning, coordinating, directing, and controlling this outreach.

3). Jews Run Hollywood - So What? Edited by VNN staff, a summarization of a 1996 article by the same title carried in American Moment magazine. This article reveals that Jewish executives deliberately seek to hire as many Jewish subordinates as possible, leading to disproportionate (and in some cases, numerically dominant) Jewish involvement in the entertainment business. This influential dominance also spreads to the crafts and ensures so many T.V. shows have Jewish themes. It further discusses how, under this Jewish influence (predominantly secular Jews), Hollywood has becoming increasingly anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-white. Ten years after initial publication of this article, little has changed except an increase in the number of non-whites and homosexuals in Hollywood.

4). The Real Cost Of U.S. Support For Israel - $3 Trillion. Originally penned by dissident journalist Christopher Bollyn back in 2003, this was also edited for space by VNN staff. Lays out a case for how all of our aid to Israel, both direct and indirect, has cost America so much if its national treasure since 1948, and yet the conflict is no closer to being resolved now as it was back in 1948.

5. It Wasn't Arabs. A reprint of Edgar Steele's article, Steele effectively debunks many stereotypes against Arabs, correctly attributing them to Jews.

6. On Hate And Intolerance. Authored by Glenn Miller. He redefines hate as "passion against that which would threaten a love". Since hatred is based on love, it follows that hatred is a great power for good. [Ed. Note: This is an unusual definition of hate, but it follows the line of thinking that hatred of injustice can lead to a struggle for justice, or that hatred of poverty can lead to a struggle for prosperity.] As a result, hate crime laws cannot stop hatred, thus they are more intended as an excuse to establish censorship.

7. Harvard Hates The White Race. An analysis of Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev's screed "Race Traitor" by respected paleoconservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts. Roberts exposes Ignatiev's agenda, to deconstruct the white race by demonizing "whiteness". Ignatiev believes we will resolve racism by "abolishing the white race". It is unclear whether Ignatiev is merely speaking metaphorically or literally.

8. Who Rules America. The timeless and periodically-updated research report by the National Alliance which serves as an entry-level primer discussing Jewish domination of the American mass media and entertainment business. Jewish domination is not a numerical domination, but a domination of influence, as Jews work their way into key positions, or "chokepoints", then make room for other Jews in subordinate "chokepoints". Using this strategy, a relatively small number of Jews can effectively control the agenda of an entire organization. This report also stresses that secular Jews rather than religious Jews are the driving force behind this effort.

Other features include an excerpt from Pat Buchanan's "State of Emergency" and a short treatise by N.B. Forrest entitled "Burnt Toast: How Media Jews Blackened White Entertainment".

The White Patriot Leader has responded to critics who panned its previous lowbrow style by upgrading the quality of the discourse, without compromising a bit on it core message. Nonetheless, it is written to the level of the average Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom, who aren't rich enough to flee to the distant suburbs and buy their way out of diversity, the way so many "diversity-loving" rich whites can do. Thus Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom are condemned to live amongst that diversity. This newspaper will help them cope with it and provide the knowledge, passion, and strength to fight against the effects of diversity.

Here are the particulars for those who are interested in more information, or who desire to distribute this newspaper throughout their communities.

50 copies ......$7.00
100 copies.....$14.00
200 copies.....$28.00
All prices include FREE shipping

Send check, carefully concealed cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller
P.O. Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

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