Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jewish Mayor Claims New York City Can't Live Without Illegal Immigrants

In testimony before a traveling Senate committee, the Jewish mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, claimed that the economy of the country's largest city and the entire nation would collapse if illegal immigrants were deported en masse. Bloomberg further testified that New York City is home to 3 million immigrants, and estimated half-million of them illegal. This is a synopsis of an article published in

While Bloomberg perfunctorily acknowledged that illegal immigrants broke the law by illegally crossing our borders, he continued to claim that New York City's economy would be a shell of itself if they had not crossed the borders, and that it would collapse outright if they were deported. He then preposterously suggested the same holds true for America as a whole.
The hearing in Philadelphia, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA), was one of several being held nationwide as congressional Republicans take to the road to discuss overhauling the nation's immigration laws. Specter and other senators are trying to build support for a Senate bill that would allow a majority of the illegal immigrants in the country to eventually become legal permanent residents and citizens after paying at least $3,250 in fines, fees and back taxes and learning English.

The competing bill passed by the House focuses on enforcement and has no provision for illegal immigrants or future guest workers.

Bloomberg encouraged Congress to offer illegal immigrants an opportunity to earn permanent status. While Bloomberg acknowledged that all parties involved want to control the borders, he insists that reliance solely on border patrols alone is either naive and shortsighted, or cynical and duplicitous. He asserted that no wall or army can stop hundreds of thousands of people per year.

Analysis: This is a perfect example of how Organized Jewry works in concert with the elite to destabilize our country. Note that Bloomberg is concerned only with economic issues - the flip side of mass immigration never enters the discussion.

Can these "indispensable" illegal immigrants even afford to live in New York City? If so, how do they live? Do they cram themselves 5-6 into a single studio apartment or 3-4 families in a single-family house? How much crime do they commit? None of these questions concern Bloomberg. All he cares about is money.

This dovetails perfectly with the interests of Jewish supremacists like the Anti-Defamation League. Because Jews have experienced persecution throughout their history, Jewish supremacists seek to destabilize every country by introducing mass immigration and multiculturalism. Jews believe ethnic states pose a danger to them, so Organized Jewry seeks to deconstruct ethnic states - all of them - except, of course, for one. And we all know which one that is, don't we? Israel, of course. Israel is special and unique, just like the Holocaust. Organized Jewry has exaggerated, commodified, and weaponized the Holocaust to psychologically browbeat society after society into surrender to the Jewish supremacist agenda.

As Glenn Miller likes to say on VNN, "No way out but through the Jews."

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