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David Lane's Letter To White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper

David Lane's letter to Billy Roper
2 July 2006

Dear Billy,

Thanks for the latest WR which I received last week. I see from the letters that there are still some readers who think as conservatives instead of as revolutionaries. So, I thought I’d write an exclusive article for WR and your website on what “revolution” means.


Why the word revolution? What does it mean? What doesn’t it mean?

First of all, it does not mean conservative, or as we shall say, con-servative or kon-servative.

My dictionary defines conservative as ‘favoring preservation of the existing order.” So, I must ask, how can any intellectually honest White person favor preservation of the political, religious, and economic systems that have led us to the brink of extinction?

Self evidently we have compromised with systems for many centuries which again has led us to the brink. So, no we are left with only two alternatives. Either find a way to reform the anti-nature and genocidal systems or a revolution with a complete new order. I write this now to show the fact that the first alternative, i.e. reform, is not possible. In fact, revolution is the only solution.

First, let’s talk about voting. Voting and the system called democracy have never been anything but a hoax to fool the masses into thinking they have a say in the systems they live under. As I have said before, a democracy is two lions and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Additionally, in a democracy the apparent rulers such as politicians, are only puppets while the real rulers remain safely behind the scenes.

America’s founding fathers, the honorable ones at least, knew this. So, the word democracy is not found in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. America was founded as a republic in which only White men of substance and good character could vote. Of course, there were foxes in the henhouse, meaning “bad guys” among the founding fathers, too. For example, the Declaration of Independence makes the utterly insane assertion that all men are created equal, and that is universalist poison.

All of this is now irrelevant, of course. A Supreme Court Justice once remarked in a rare moment of candor, “The Constitution died in the Civil War.”

Ever since the Civil War, the deceivers who have guided any White resistance to genocide have advocated safe “respectable” activities. They constantly chant: Write your congressman, vote for some new charlatan, write a letter to the editor, or some other exercise in futility. Eat, meet, and retreat, after pointless debate, is their activity and strategy.

Well, let’s look at the potential voting pool these deceivers would have us recruit from. Some of you have heard or read my discourse on the subject before, but new admissions by the Federal race murderers verify what I have said. For example, National Public Radio admitted recently that half of America’s young children are non-White. And that is just what they admit.

The majority of America’s population is in the cities, and they are not White. The schools in Omaha, Nebraska, for example, are one-third Hispanic, one-third Negro, and one-third White. The same in Denver. In places like Los Angeles, there are almost no White children in the schools. These are the voters ten years from now. Is anyone so insane as to think they or their families or their friends or their partners in churches, sports teams, government, media, and on and on, are going to vote for White survival?

Here is a partial list of those remaining Whites who will not join our resistance to the murder of our race no matter how natural or logical our pleas.

All who are wealthy because revolution means the end of their privileged lifestyle.

All who receive paychecks from some level of government, including social security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, etc.

All government employees, be they federal, state, city, or county.

All military and police, including those receiving retirement checks.

All those bewitched by a religion that has for centuries given the White man’s food, technology, medicine, and wealth to colored races and now surrenders our women, power, and territory. As well as preachers who marry White women to Negroes and Hispanics and White men to Oriental females.

All those who already have a family member or a friend mated with a Skraeling. (Skraeling means non-White in Viking terminology.) They will almost always defend the interests of the mongrel offspring as more important than racial survival.

All those bewitched by patriotic propaganda so thoroughly that they chant, “My country, right or wrong.” They could care less that America is responsible for murdering or maiming some 200 million people, half of them White, many of them women and children, in endless wars and assassinations from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Libya, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to Afghanistan, and on and on. In its determination to destroy the integrity of all races, nations, and cultures, America has been an engine of holocaust, genocide, and death unmatched in human history.

All those mindless sports freaks who cheer for Negro athletes on the nearest professional or college football or basketball or baseball team. Never mind that most have a groupie harem of the last young White women. Never mind that a racial mixture like Tiger Woods married the most beautiful blonde, blue-eyed model in Sweden. Kicking, catching, throwing, and hitting various kinds of balls is far more important than racial survival to these idiots.

I could continue, but if the reader still thinks there are “respectable” peaceful solutions to stopping the Judeo-American and Judeo-Christian murder of our race, then he or she belongs in a rubber room at the funny farm.

We have two options. Either migrate to Eastern Europe and warn our folk in places like Russia, Ukraine, etc. Or carve out a nation somewhere on this continent.

If you opt for the latter, be aware that no power system gives up its power out of moral considerations. Revolutions are blood and guts, and dying and killing, and pain and heartbreak, and lost limbs and lost comrades, and prison, and on and on.

The youngest generation of White men in America face a living hell as the sins of their fathers come home to roost. Of course, on the other hand, this (perhaps) last generation of White women will have life easy as they are the most desired creatures on earth. Although the few who are racially loyal will also face the wrath of the Universalists. That is why I wrote in KD Rebel that those out of power raise armies with promises of revenge, plunder, and the seizing of women. If White men won’t fight to the death for women, power, and territory then we are doomed.

The Creator (whatever that means to you) made lions to eat lambs, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for power, women, and territory. Whatever the force or intelligence that our folk have called God by many names over the countless centuries may be, it is not the new age, warm and fuzzy love concept. Struggle is the divine plan. Deny the hard cruel facts of natural law and die, as individuals or as a race. Obey the natural law and the possibilities are endless.

The mechanics of revolution are available from other sources. I only pen this in another effort to get the minds of more folk on the right path. Once a person clears their mind of dogma and propaganda, reality is easy to discern. But, when the gates of the mind are opened to the first irrational premise, then there are no barriers to a flood of insanity. Reality at this time is not pleasant, but it must be faced, “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

I remain yours for the Fourteen Words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”


David Lane

Reg No. 12873-057

U.S. Penitentiary

P.O. Box 7000

Florence, CO 81226-7000

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