Monday, June 26, 2006

National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Hate Crimes Charges In Salt Lake City

Note: Originally posted June 26th, 2006 on Alaska Pride; recovered and cross-posted here again.

Earlier today (June 26th), KUTV Channel 2 of Salt Lake City reported that National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker appeared before U.S. Magistrate David Nuffer and entered a plea of Not Guilty to charges in a federal hate-crimes indictment accusing him and two others of assaulting a Mexican immigrant and an American Indian in two separate altercations at local bars three and a half years ago. After entering his plea, Magistrate Nuffer assigned Walker a court-appointed lawyer, Rob Youngbird, then remanded him back to the Salt Lake County Jail pending a detention hearing scheduled for Wednesday. At that time, Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlos Esquada, assigned to prosecute the case, is expected to request that Walker remain incarcerated until his trial, set for August 21st. This story also reported on the Salt Lake Tribune's RSS Feed and National Alliance News. The delay in Walker's plea hearing was attributable to the fact that he had to be extradited from Hillsboro, WV. U.S. Marshals brought Walker to Salt Lake City just this past weekend.

Earlier this month, a federal grand jury indicted Walker, 38, Travis D. Massey, 29, and Eric G. Egbert, 21, the latter two from Salt Lake City, for provoking arguments and fights with two minorities in 2002 and 2003. Massey and Egbert have already pleaded not guilty to charges that could land the defendants up to 20 years in prison, and have been released on their own recognizance pending trial, accepting voluntary restrictions on their movements and regular reporting requirements. Each defendant faces a charge of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and a second count of interference with a federally protected activity. The full text of the indictment is posted here.

History: Travis Massey and Eric Egbert, being residents of Salt Lake, were arrested and charged earlier, as discussed in my June 9th post entitled "National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker Arrested In Utah On Hate Crimes Charges".

The National Alliance initially issued a strong statement of support. Later, they reiterated their support during the American Dissident Voices (ADV) broadcast of June 17th. However, their statement on that date was more conditional. While they pledged all-out legal support to Walker and Massey, that offer did not appear to extend to Eric Egbert. The article itself provided a possible explanation, since Walker and Massey are current members, while Egbert is a former member. I suppose if the National Alliance's financial resources are limited, they must practice some form of economic "triage" in favor of current members, but if Egbert was a member of the NA at the time of the alleged offenses, I would hope the NA would consider offering him some assistance once they've satisfied the legal needs of Walker and Massey.

Strategy: This situation has generated considerable discussion on a number of forums, to include The Phora, Vanguard News Network Forum, Stormfront, White Revolution, and Resistance. Bill White published an article on his Overthrow website. A few posters suggested that Shaun Walker go on the lam as soon as he gets bail, but most responsibly suggested he fight the charges. Here are my strategical recommendations:

1. Don't just play defense - go on the attack. Mount a vigorous forward defense while maintaining civility. Use this trial to ruthlessly expose the racial hypocrisy of the American system.

2. During jury selection, don't attempt to remove all minority jurors. Try to remove Latino or American Indian jurors, since they're most likely to be biased since the "victims" are members of those groups. Don't necessarily try to remove the black jurors - blacks are slowly turning against Latinos, and trying to remove all minorities will make the trio look guilty. Consider trying to remove young female jurors, particularly college girls (unless they attended Brigham Young University, which can still be trusted to impart traditional cultural values). College girls from secular universities are notorious multiculturalists.

3. Since the prosecutor has a Latino surname (Esquada), and one of the "victims" is a Latino, consider filing a motion asking the prosecutor to recuse himself based on potential race bias. Most likely it will be refused, but getting it on the record may cause the jurors (particularly the white jurors) to scutinize the prosecutor's conduct more closely for signs of anti-white bias.

4. Use every possible stratagem to demonize the informer. Portray the informer as a craven, gutless coward who would tell any story to escape his legal troubles. Most people have an antipathy towards rats and snitches.

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