Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shoah Business: Current List Of Jewish Holocaust Museums Worldwide, Effective April 19th, 2009

Original Source: Israel Science and Technology Home Page

This post first published June 22nd, 2006. Republished now with the most current information and with hot links to each facility. There are now 25 Holocaust museums in the United States alone, as of April 19th, 2009. Cross-posted here in case the primary source goes dark.

- Argentina, Buenos Aires: Fundacion Memoria del Holocausto
- Australia, Melbourne: Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Center
- Australia, Sydney: Sydney Jewish Museum - History of the Holocaust section
- Austria, Vienna: Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Gedenkdienst)
- Austria, Vienna: Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial
- Belgium, Mechelen: Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistence
- Canada, Montreal: Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre
- Czech Rep., Terezin: Holocaust Memorials in the Czech Republic
- Czech Rep., Terezin: Terezin Memorial
- France, Izieu: Memorial Museum for Children of Izieu
- France, Paris: Memorial de la Shoah
- Germany:
- Germany, Bad Arolsen: Bad Arolsen Holocaust Archives
- Germany, Buchenwald: Buchenwald Memorial
- Germany, Dachau: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
- Germany, Furstenberg: Ravensbruck Women's Concentration Camp Memorial Museum
- Germany, Lohheide: Bergen-Belsen Memorial
- Germany, Papenburg: Document and Information Center of Emsland Camps
- Germany, Wannsee: House of the Wannsee Conference
- Hungary, Budapest: Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center
- Israel: Ghetto Fighters' House -Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum
- Israel, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem -Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes Remembrance Memorial
- Israel, Kibbutz Tel-Yitzhak: Massuah Institute for the Study of the Holocaust
- Israel, Kibbutz Givat Chaim: Beit Theresienstadt
- Japan, Fukuyama-City: Holocaust Education Center
- Netherlands: Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands
- Netherlands, Amsterdam: Anne Frank House
- Netherlands, Amsterdam: Hollandsche Schouwburg, Dutch Theatre used as deportation center for Jews of Holland
- Netherlands, Haarlem: Corrie ten Boom Museum, "The Hiding Place"
- Poland, Lublin: State Museum at Majdanek Concentration Camp
- Poland, Oswiecim: Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation
- Poland, Oswiecim: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
- Poland, Rogoznica: Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp Museum
- Russia, Moscow: Russian Holocaust Foundation
- South Africa, Cape Town: Cape Town Holocaust Centre
- U.K., Laxton: Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom
- U.K., London: Imperial War Museum's Holocaust Exhibition
- USA, Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum
- USA, Buffalo, NY: Holocaust Resource Center
- USA, Chicago, IL: Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
- USA, Dallas, TX: Dallas Holocaust Museum
- USA, El Paso, TX: El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center
- USA, Farmington Hills, MI: Holocaust Memorial Center
- USA, Houston, TX: Holocaust Museum Houston
- USA, Los Angeles, CA: Holocaust Monument
- USA, Los Angeles, CA: Museum of the Holocaust
- USA, Los Angeles, CA: Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History
- USA, Los Angeles, CA: Simon Wiesenthal Center
- USA, Maitland, FL: Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center
- USA, Miami Beach, FL: Holocaust Memorial
- USA, Naples, FL: Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida
- USA, New Haven, CT: Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
- USA, New York: Anne Frank Center
- USA, New York: Ioannina Greece Holocaust Victims
- USA, New York: Museum of Jewish Heritage - Memorial to the Holocaust
- USA, Richmond, VA: Virginia Holocaust Museum
- USA, San Francisco, CA: Holocaust Center of Northern California
- USA, Spring Valley, NY: Holocaust Museum and Study Center
- USA, St. Louis, MO: Holocaust Museum and Learning Center
- USA, St. Petersburg, FL: Florida Holocaust Museum
- USA, Terre Haute, IN: Candles Holocaust Museum and Education Center
- USA, Washington DC: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Anonymous said...

Careful AA, so now you might be in danger of charges by the FEDs for soliciting, threatening, and intimidating the HolyHoax Museums.... or inciting others to do the same...

And just why isn't One Man's Project charged for her attempts to intimidate certain members of the so called White Movement?

Will Apolo be charged for making threats over the internet, which is a felony?

Or is our judicial system SO Jewduhized and so Talmudic that ALL criminal charges are subjective and flexible to such an extent that ONLY the enemies of the White Ruling Elite are charged and locked up?

Sherwood Smith

apollonian said...

Heroic Apollonian Struggle Against Tsunami Of Stupidity
(Apollonian, 16 Nov 08)

Sherwood, the shit:

What "death threats" by Apollonian are u talking about, u utterly idiotic, brainless moron? Can u give any specifications, dates, and internet addresses? Is it possible for a fool like u to be more discredited?--aren't u embarrassed, no less than Curt Maynard, the mestizo-man?

If stupidity was offence, Sherwood, the shit, u'd be facing death penalty, no doubt.

And yes, u poor, total fool, that's the Jew game-plan, to convert things to total subjectivism whence only thing true is what they say it is, yes, yes, yes, dumbass, as I've expounded for shits like u now for years and years and years, u stupid puke.

CONCLUSION: But stupid people, owing to their very stupidity--DIE, as they're very picture of weaklings, according to Darwin and socio-biology (see But I keep going nonetheless as God gives pt.s to heroes who try so hard, like me. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Gage said...

Ummm... anonymous:

This post only contained links to Holocaust Museums globally. Where on earth do you get Anchorage Activist was "threatening" anything?

Anchorage Activist said...

Gage - Sherwood Smith was merely being facetious. Perhaps he was thinking about Bill White's bogus indictment, where strong criticism of a Jewish Matt Hale juror alone brought the Feds swooping down on him.

It is not inconceivable that the day could come in which merely posting a list of Holocaust Museums could be considered "intimidating". So be it.

The best way to protect free speech is to USE it.

Anonymous said...

These "museums" are just places where the jews can shove their Zionist propaganda down our throats. Yes, I'm beginning to doubt the entire "holocaust" even took place. There is substantial evidence to contradict jewish claims of such.

George Manuelian
Atherton, CA

Anonymous said...


I know how annoying it is when one posts a satirical, or facetious, comment, and less intelligent beings fail to recognize it for what it is.

Even people on the correct side of the issue can act like morons.

J. Booth

libertyfolk said...

Also a mïni holohoax display in Savannah Ga. In the Mighty Eighth air force memorial.