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(ADV) Racial Populism: Can This Save Our Race?

Racial Populism: Can This Save Our Race?

By Shaun Walker

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of June 04, 2005

Hello and welcome to American Dissident Voices, I'm Shaun Walker.

Over the past weekend of May 21-22nd [2005], a conference, hosted by David Duke, took place in New Orleans, called the International European American Conference. This event had leaders from European pro-White parties meet and talked with American and Canadian patriots, but was completely blacked out by the Jewish dominated media, and only those with Internet connections and a prior knowledge of the conference would have even known about it, despite some of the currently most newsworthy White leaders from Europe attending.

One of the speeches given there was by the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin. His speech has caused a stir amongst White Nationalists in America because he argued for what boils down to what is called the 'populist' approach to racial politics, as opposed to the policy of overt racial separatism.

For listeners who are unaware of this distinction in racial politics, allow me to briefly explain: ever since the end of the Second World War, those White people who have understood and seen the dangers facing our race, have struggled with how they could transmit this message to the White people in nations all over the world. This was a problem which I touched upon in a recent talk on George Lincoln Rockwell here in America, as some listeners will recall.

For the essential dilemma is this: we face a huge Jewish controlled information blackout, as evidenced by the total non-coverage given to Mr. Duke's conference in New Orleans. This news and information blackout extends to every facet of the American and European media. This is part of the existing Jewish Policy that any news, events or even facts which are contrary to the Jewish strategy, are simply ignored and shoved aside.

This in turn leads to a situation where anybody trying to stand for elected office, who does not adhere to the lies of multiracialism, or who is opposed to Jewish Supremacist, or who is pro-White, faces either a news blackout, or, even worse, staggering smears, lies and half truths about them being fed to the voting public by the Jewish controlled media.

George Lincoln Rockwell, as you may recall, reacted to this Jewish suppression of free speech by going to the other extreme: if the Jews were going to call him a Nazi, then, as he might as well be a Nazi, and he became one.

Dr William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance, was a believer in the honest, overt racial approach to spreading the truth about race and Jews to the White public - but having said, that, Dr. Pierce never tried to stand for public office on that platform. He did allow other National Alliance members to run for public office with mixed results and feelings on the matter.

But George Lincoln Rockwell did stand for public office - as governor of Virginia - and he received a tiny number of votes, about one percent. The smear campaign against him by the Jewish media was massive, but much of this had to do with the legal hurdles the state of Virginia created for Rockwell, when they would not allow him to use the name "American Nazi Party" and then they seized his assets and didn't allow him to register him party. He was actually forced, for a while, to call his group the George Lincoln Rockwell Party, because that was all the state of Virginia would allow. The one percent of the votes Rockwell did get were all write in votes, which is enormous for a write in candidate.

In Europe, things were slightly - but only slightly different. Over there, overtly Nazi groups sprang up after Rockwell's example, and the democracies responded by banning them in many cases, or, in countries such as Britain, by passing laws which effectively criminalized their propaganda. In response to this turn of events something called "racial populism" then emerged in Europe. This actually stared in Germany and Austria in 1945 with the outlawing the NSDAP and with the subsequent outlawing of the Socialist Reich's Party in Germany in 1953, which was gaining massive support at that time.

This racial populism was essentially a departure from the overt racial approach to politics. The racial populist parties - such as the BNP today, the National Front (Front Nationale) in France and others - have dropped much of their overt racial message, and instead have focused on political issues closer to the accepted mainstream, while still retaining the basic core of their racial worldview, namely that Third World immigration is bad for Europe.

By adopting this approach, these racial populists have succeeded in garnering a measure of public voting support which the previous overt racial parties have not. In Denmark, for example, the Danish Peoples Party has strong representation in that country's parliament; in Norway, the Norwegian Progress Party is also represented in that country's parliament. Both are openly opposed to further Third World immigration into their countries. This has also been mirrored by Jorg Haider in Austria, by Jean Marie Le Pen in France, and lately, by the British National Party's Nick Griffin in the UK, amongst others.

And herein lays the core of the debate: all of these electoral successes have been achieved by parties who have a significantly different message to that of the overtly racial groups. As a result, there is considerable enmity between the overt racial groups and the racial populist parties.

Nick Griffin's speech in New Orleans boiled down to him calling on American White Nationalists to adopt the approach of the British model of a racial populist party, and start taking part in electoral politics.

Now the debate amongst White nationalists in America is on: do they follow the European racial populist model, or do they continue with the overt racial separatist approach?

We in the National Alliance are proud to be the standard bearers of the overt racial separatist approach. Although ultimately we too seek political power, we will not water down or change or message to take part in electoral politics. We must remain, and continue to be, the standard bearer for exposing the Jewish role in the domination of our body politic, and of the inequality of the races, and the need for White separation and preservation.

But this does not mean that there can be no racial populist electoral activity. When David Duke stood for public office - and succeeded - in the state of Louisiana, those of who watched his successful campaign discerned immediately that he too adopted a racial populist approach. He dropped the overt racist message from his Klan leadership days. The mainstay of his campaign became 'Workfare not Welfare;" and talk of Jewish power and the inferiority of Negroes disappeared. And, let us not forget, David Duke garnered over 800,000 votes in Louisiana, which was about 60% of the White vote in that state.

Would we, as an overt racial group, dismiss David Duke's success just because his message then was not the same as ours? No. Even though David Duke was elected on a political platform considerably different to that of the National Alliance, there was not a White Nationalist anywhere in America who was not delighted with his electoral victory. I personally sent Mr. Duke money for two or three of his elections and I don't regret it.

Would we, as an overt racialist group, dismiss the successes of the National Front in France just because their message is not the same as ours? No.

Would we dismiss the electoral successes of the British National Party, just because their message is not the same as our? No.

The fact is that all of the racial populist parties have policies with which we in the National Alliance do not agree. For example, in the British National Party's case, allowing Jews to become members and not insisting on compulsory repatriation for all non-White immigrants; or in the French National Front's case, of allowing a few non-White members; or in the cases of both the Danish Peoples Party and the Norwegian Progress Party, for calling on non-White immigrants to either integrate or leave. Racial integration can only lead to race mixing and this is the single greatest crime against our race and must be opposed forever.

We will be unashamed in pointing out these disagreements, and will never adopt them ourselves. But that does not mean that we are going to dismiss these parties' efforts or are not appreciative of their attempts, even if in some cases, half hearted, to save their nations from the Third World immigration disaster.

Instead, we in the National Alliance are of the firm opinion that there is no reason on earth why both strands of thought - that of racial populism and overt racial separatism - cannot exist at the same time. After all, why not? Our enemies, the Jews, appear to the electorate in many guises, as a religion, as a race, as liberals, as conservatives, as capitalists, as communists, to name but a few of their endless disguises.

This does not mean that we in the National Alliance are going to change our policies - most certainly not. We will never compromise; we will continue to tell the whole truth about race, Jews and everything else, as part of our inheritance received from Dr. William Pierce; the most forthright man I ever knew. We will tell the whole unvarnished truth, we will not pull back from saying anything because it might not win us an election or two. This is the guarantee that all National Alliance members have, make no mistake about this.

At the same time, we fully appreciate those people who want to take part in the pea-in-a-pod-trick in this current Jewish dominated democracy, so if they do choose this, they can use whatever tactics they wish. We shall remain as interested observers, and will not condemn anybody either in the USA or Europe who tries this approach. But, there still has to be a group that tells the truth, the whole truth, no matter what the Jews try.

We understand fully the exasperation of some overt racial people who object to the racial populist approach. We share those objections. But we think it far better to focus upon getting our own message out, than to waste time and valuable resources trying to tell others what mistakes they might be making. And that should be the focus of all overt racially conscious people as well: never mind what the racial populists might be doing, concentrate on your message, concentrate on building your support base, and if you want, take it to the electorate as well. The road to power has many strange twists and we as political activists need tactical flexibility from time-to-time. And, we do not need our fellow racial activist to waste their valuable time trying to make everyone into an identical copy of themselves. We need political maturity.

Let this be a challenge to be taken up by any such racial populist movement which may emerge in the USA: that any racial populist party or group spends its time spreading its message, and not attacking groups which are followers of the overt racial separatist approach. The National Alliance, as the leader of the overt racial separatist camp, undertakes to ensure that any such racial populist movement is not subjected to attacks from us either. We will concentrate on our message, and they can concentrate on theirs. This is our pledge, our contribution to OUR CAUSE.

And here let's be clear about the National Alliance's position and future positioning. We are convinced that until the power of the Jewish media is broken, there will be no breakthrough, no groundswell of massive popular support. Our foremost purpose is therefore not to take part in elections as such, but to inform as many of our fellow White people as possible of the nature of the deliberate actions against them. We are in the information spreading and recruiting stage, we have been and will continue to be the pioneers who set out to attract new activists, new supporters, new leaders, who will bring home the unvarnished truth not only about the dangers which our race faces, but also of the glory which our race can have again once we acquire true self determination.

We recruit for the future, with a pure message: the racial populists are welcome to recruit for now with whatever message they want. We are recruiting a cadre for the future, a core of dedicated, knowledge rich supporters, who, when the time comes, will not shirk from their duty towards their race. It may even be so that we will draw some of these cadres from the support which the racial populists might gather, or vice versa - who knows.

The message of the National Alliance will remain pure. We stand for a Natural Order, a reality which we call Nature. We believe that we are part of Nature and subject to Nature's laws. We believe that we ourselves are responsible for everything over which we have the power of choice: in particular, for the state of our environment and for the destiny of our race.

We believe passionately in the law of inequality. We believe that Nature has endowed each race with different characteristics and we believe that our race is more highly developed at planning, self-discipline, has higher mental faculties - including the abilities to conceptualize, to solve problems, to plan for the future, and to postpone gratification - than the other races do.

As a result, we believe that races vary greatly in their capabilities to build and to sustain societies. We believe that genes, nature, determines racial behavior, and not nurture or environment.

We will continue to demand a separate White living space as the unalterable goal of our movement. We demand that the sickness of racial integration and multiculturalism be swept away and that we have a racially clean area of the earth for further development of our people. We must have White schools, White residential neighborhoods and recreational areas, White workplaces, White farms and countryside. We must have no, absolutely no non-Whites in our living space and we must have open space around us for expansion.

We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this White living space and to keep it White. We will not be deterred by the difficulty or temporary unpleasantness involved, because we realize that it is absolutely necessary for our racial survival. The long-term demographic trend toward a darker world, which the disastrous policies of the last century have caused, must not only be halted; it must be reversed.

We must have new societies throughout the White world, which are based on White values and are compatible with our White nature. We do not need to homogenize the White world: there will be room for Germanic societies, Celtic societies, Slavic societies, and so on, each with its own roots, traditions, and language. What we must have, however, is a thorough rooting out of Semitic and other non-Aryan values and customs everywhere.

We must once again provide the sort of social and spiritual environment in which our own nature can express itself in organizational forms, that is, in government, social structure, and social institutions. This must be done so that we can once again have our own music, art and architecture, literature, philosophy and scholarship, and not be subjected to the Semitic or Negroid standards of today.

We stand for a return to White norms for raising children, in which permissiveness and the encouragement of self-indulgence are replaced by influences aimed at building self-discipline, developing good character and good work habits, and helping children grow at a natural pace into strong, independent, and spiritually healthy adults.

We stand for neighborhoods, schools, work groups, and universities in which there is a feeling of family and comradeship, of a shared heritage and a shared destiny, a Folkish destiny.

We stand for a sense of rooted-ness that in turn engenders a sense of responsibility and energizes a moral compass, so that at least the more independent-minded members of society once again know instinctively what is wholesome and natural and what is degenerate and alien, and the rest can follow their lead.

We stand for the reestablishment of a natural and healthy relationship between the sexes, with manly men and feminine women complementing one another instead of competing against one another.

We stand for a government wholly committed to the service of our race and subject to no non-Aryan influence. It must be a government guided by fixed principles, yet able to respond in a flexible way to challenges and opportunities. It must be structured and organized in a way suited to its purpose of safeguarding and advancing the race, and it must be as immune to corruption and subversion as human genius can make it.

We stand for a new educational system, one which not only teaches our children accurately about our own culture, race, languages, history, science, ethics, and so on, but which also provides them with practical skills, such as how to manage a business, how to type, how to repair a motor vehicle, how to fight with and without weapons, how to draw, how to swim, how to raise children, how to grow food, how to build a house.

We stand for an educational system which will teach children to exercise their willpower, to teach them self discipline, to make plans and carry them out, to overcome fears, to accept responsibility, to be truthful, and generally to develop and strengthen those traits of character valued by a healthy, Aryan society.

We stand for an economic policy based on racial principles. Both unbridled capitalism and communism are race-less in their objectives: we stand for a system in which our race's interests must be paramount, above all else. We stand for the right to free and private enterprise, for the right of each man or woman to undertake labor and enjoy the fruits of that labor according to their effort. This is the core of all positive healthy White societies, but it is not race-less capitalism which is in its essence Jewish.

All economic polices must be subject to the question: will this policy ultimately be beneficial or detrimental to the quality of our race?

Capitalists who seek to import non-White labor "because it is cheaper" must be prevented from such dysgenic practices by law. Socialists who seek to force equality on people, regardless of their inherent ability, must be prevented from doing so by law.

We believe that race must indeed become the core of a new government's policy: all guidelines all endeavors, all undertakings, must have racial principles as their core. This means that immigration policies must be racially based, as they once were.

This means that foreign aid policies must be racially based, and we must stop providing aid to those who hate us and who are self declared enemies of the White race.

It means that foreign aid must be racially determined, and that the interests of our nation and race must always be placed first.

This means the removal of the Jewish influence over the organs of government, and the ending of the blatant favoritism towards Israel over that of the Arab nations. We demand that the foreign aid flow to Israel be halted immediately: the hard working White taxpayers of the America are being bled to death to keep the parasite nation of Israel alive. One of the primary reasons why Whites do not have large families any more is because of economics: the taxation levels must be reduced to allow Whites to reproduce, and taxing them to pay for Israel is literally genocide of our race.

We demand that the American army be withdrawn from fighting Israel's wars in the Middle East, and be deployed to secure our border with Mexico. All Mexicans in the USA need to be repatriated to Mexico: on this issue there can no compromise. They represent a deadly genetic and cultural threat to the survival of our race, and must leave.

We also demand the barring of Jews from positions of power and influence in our society. For too long we have put up with their destructive influence at the seat of power, in the media and elsewhere. We are sick and tired of their pornography, their promotion of alien anti-White culture, and their domination of our information networks. They must be encouraged to leave this country.

Finally, we demand that the Negro problem be addressed for once and for all. Coupled to our demand for a White living space, the Negro question must be solved with a policy of physical geographic separation, and nothing less. The final details of such an arrangement - whether this is to be done on the continental United States, or whether it is to be done by repatriation to Africa, as requested by Abraham Lincoln and as Marcus Garvey tried to implement, is a question to be resolved at the appropriate time. For now, let there be no misunderstanding: we demand separation, not segregation.

This then is our manifesto, our version of a political platform. Racial populists are welcome to pick and choose what they want to say, and present it to the electorate as they see fit. We however, set out our political platform for all to see, and will continue to recruit on this basis only. There is space for both strands of thought, racial populist and overt racialist: let both proceed as they see fit.

We will never compromise. If you agree with what we have to say, then I invite you to join us, the men and women of the National Alliance.

Thanks for joining today.

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9009loan said...

The war that you fight can not be won by words but only won by moeny and power. No one is asking you to hide or not to be heard but to gain followers by gathering support from people of power and money. The white race will feel what power and money can do if givin to the wrong person that day is today. You have no time for mistakes move boldlee but leave no shadows. For many eyes are taking notes.