Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mexican Immigrant Alondra Cano Leading The Charge By Minneapolis City Council To Replace Columbus Day With "Indigenous Peoples Day"

Screenshot of Alondra Cano
A Mexican immigrant is leading the charge by the Minneapolis City Council to replace Columbus Day, defined as a holiday in Minnesota statutes, with a so-called "Indigenous Peoples Day" in Minneapolis. Alondra Cano, the newly-elected council member representing Ward 9, is at the forefront of this effort to obliterate white history, and is further identified as a Mexican who immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. Even though she wants to replace Columbus Day altogether, she still professes to respect "diversity". She claims to want to "empower disenfranchised communities", although her idea of "empowering" appears to be to marginalize whites. The City Council is expected to vote on the proposal on Friday April 22nd. The effect will be primarily cosmetic, largely limited to changing the name of the holiday on official communications from the city, including the calendar and news releases.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Cano said her office has been working with the Native American Community Development Institute and a handful of other American Indian leaders. Here are two of the pertinent quotes:

“This is more about elevating the American Indian perspective than it is about being anti-Columbus...Although there are plenty of people that will talk about the deep violence that Christopher Columbus used and enacted when he first came to this part of the world.”

“From a basic historical perspective there’s a lack of understanding about what Christopher Columbus did or didn’t do...So we’re just trying to make sure that people are aware of a more clear and accurate history in terms of what is that folks are celebrating on Christopher Columbus Day, what does that mean for them.”

Of course, Cano ignores the "deep violence" often exhibited by "indigenous peoples" on the American continent. She makes no reference to the barbaric serial human sacrifices by Aztecs, in which the still-beating hearts were ripped out of their victims, in the name of their "religion". And of course, she completely ignores the genocide perpetrated by her Lamanite ancestors when they exterminated an estimated 230,000 Nephites at the Battle of Cumorah in present-day upstate New York in 385 A.D. (although some Mormons believe there was a second Hill Cumorah in Mexico where the battle took place). Even in the preliminary battles leading up to the Cumorah Holocaust, the Lamanites committed numerous atrocities, sacrificing Nephite women and children to their idol gods. Nearly all Latin Americans from Mexico to northern South America are considered to have some Lamanite blood, although the LDS Church admits that they could have other ancestry as well.

I can understand to a certain degree why American Indians and mestizos might be reluctant to celebrate Columbus Day; they did come out on the short end of the stick in battles against us. Little Big Horn was a fluke caused primarily by Custer's arrogance. But if Alondra Cano was truly dedicated to promoting diversity, she would propose an Indigenous Peoples Day IN ADDITION TO Columbus Day. The fact that she wants to replace Columbus Day altogther indicates her true motives must be suspect. Race replacement, anyone?

Reaction: Cano's initiative is not playing well with locals, who think the City Council ought to be addressing more pertinent bread-and-butter issues, and who also think it's pandering to political correctness. One commenter to the Star-Tribune explains why Christopher Columbus is of such exceptional significance. It was because he triggered the subsequent European mass migration, whereas Leif Ericsson's expedition did not trigger a mass migration:

ciaman Apr 21, 1410:33 pm:
History gives credit to Christopher Columbus for discovering America - the new land. Was he not such a nice man? Perhaps. Was he a jerk? Maybe. But he was the first one to go and find it and then came back and spread the word of another world. Yes, there were some other people who may have found the land first but nothing caught eye of the Europeans. And they came in their millions to get a chance at better life than they had in a land of Kings and Queens. And the land was owned by the rich, sort of like today. So the city council is doodling with history while they play the violin? Please, give all of us a break and forget Indigenous day. It will not fly.

Traditionalist Youth Network Activists Protest "Slut Walk 2014" In Bloomington, Indiana; Attacked By Communist Terrorists

On April 21st, 2014, activists from the Traditionalist Youth Network mounted a small but vociferous protest against a "slut walk" that was being conducted by feminists and prostitution advocates in Bloomington, Indiana, which is the home of the University of Indiana. They were not attempting to interfere in the slut walk itself, but were merely attempting to show there is more than one point of view on the issue.

But supporters of the slut walk, showing their affinity for Communist tactics, did not extend the same tolerance in return. The following account, with photos, was published by Matt Heimbach on Occidental Dissent:

“4 of us against the slutwalk, the Reds attacked us, surrounded us with sheets, screamed in our faces and praised the murder of women and children in the gulags, in Dresden, and in the Ukrainian Holodomor. They chanted, they shoved, they spit, they even tore our cross into pieces and spit upon the very name of Christ from a sign we had that sad “Jesus loves you” but through all of that, Trad Youth stood its ground. No one will intimidate us, no one will stop us, and these are our streets.”

The Indiana Daily Student addressed the Traditionalist Youth Network activism in their report, although they omitted any reference to the physical attack:

As the march began, participants were warned to refrain from interacting with any members of Trad Youth, who had set up a protest of the march at the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana avenues. Supporters of the Slut Walk attempted to cover the Trad Youth protesters and their sign with sheets.

Matthew Heimbach, a co-founder of Trad Youth, said the issue the group had was with slut culture, not with rape culture and sexual assault.

“We stand against both the slut culture and the bro culture that promotes sexual promiscuity amongst IU students,” Heimbach said. “We came to be able to encourage people to live a modest and chaste lifestyle, but also to stand against the rape culture.”

Trad Youth protesters set up at 6 p.m. with signs reading “Against Rape Culture, Against Slut Culture, Slut Culture Hurts Everyone,” among others.

Tensions were high among Trad Youth members and Slut Walk supporters attempting to hide their protest. One woman holding a sheet felt her breast grazed by a Trad Youth member and angrily called him out on it.

“Is that rape culture?” the Trad Youth member asked. “Do you feel triggered? You don’t look triggered.”

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt's Websites Taken Down By Host Under Pressure From DMCA Serial Complainant

Update April 18th: It looks like there's another reason why Pastor Lindstedt's website is down. According to RFC Express, Bryan Reo filed a copyright infringement lawsuit (Case No. 1:14-cv-00816-JG) against Lindstedt in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, on April 16th, 2014. Reo is filing in forma pauperis, which means he's serving as his own attorney. Seven different exhibits representing certain pages and posts from Whitenationalist.org are referenced in the docket text, but if I want to see more court documents, I would have to pay RFC Express 99 cents per document. Not interested in that at this time.

The mystery as to the whereabouts of Christian Identity Pastor Martin Lindstedt's websites (Whitenationalist.org) has been resolved. According to an e-mail received from Pastor Lindstedt on one of my accounts, his websites were taken down by the host after Bryan Reo, the serial complainant who's been plaguing Pastor Lindstedt for four years, threatened to sue CrisisHost (and possibly DreamHost). I first noticed that Lindstedt's websites were gone around April 14th when the Glenn Miller story broke and I was looking for his reaction to it.

The e-mail is actually his DMCA Counter-Notice challenging Bryan Reo's complaint. Even though CrisisHost is mentioned in the e-mail, the counter-notice was submitted to the DreamHost abuse service center on Monday, April 15th, 2014, which means that he must have switched to DreamHost in the interim. Here's the most pertinent part of the e-mail:

7) After setting up some secret web pages and forums and taking a web vacation for six months or so, Pastor Lindstedt found an actual free speech hosting company in CrisisHost.com. However, within a day of setting up the new www.whitenationalist.org, Bryan Reo was making bogus complaints against it with the new Host, Joshua Singer, even before the main web page and forum were set up. Then for the next year from June 2011 to July 2012, Pastor Lindstedt took care of these new bogus DMCA complaints by simply deleting anything claimed to be a copyright infringement or making a substitution. Once Bryan Reo claimed that Lindstedt used a picture of Reo in a ROTC uniform. Lindstedt substituted a picture of a female orang-a-tang drinking its own urine and claiming that this picture was of Bryan Reo.

8) After over a year of this intensive harassment and making of bogus and fraudulent DMCA take-down notices, Bryan Reo, changed tactics. Instead, Bryan Reo started threatening to sue CrisisHost for daring to host Lindstedt, even though the DMCA says that Hosting companies have absolute immunity from litigation if they follow the DMCA. However, after the fourth or fifth such extortionary threat, in May 2013, Joshua Singer said that he was getting out of the hosting business. Pastor Lindstedt said that his contract lasted until June 30, 2013. However, although Lindstedt bought service on another hosting company and created a backup web page and forum, Lindstedt kept his web page and forum and blogs on CrisisHost, fully intending to pay Singer for the services used.

9) On Saturday, April 5, 2014, Singer notifed Lindstedt that Bryan Reo was back to making extortionary threats to sue him. Why was Lindstedt still on his server? Lindstedt said that he would be gone well before April 15, 2014, and asked for three days time to "move along" and that Lindstedt would pay 10/12th of $55 for using CrisisHost services for ten months past the time. Joshua Singer agreed. And upon Bryan Reo's continuing extortionary demands, said that Lindstedt would be gone by Wednesday [April 16th].

A substitute link for what might be a replacement website has been provided, but it is still under construction:

-- http://christian-identity.net

In addition, Pastor Lindstedt continues to host Da Dik-Dik Show on Talkshoe every Sunday and Thursday night:

-- http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=111132&cmd=tc

Bryan Reo's obsession with Martin Lindstedt proves that he is no friend of the white racialist community. His lack of respect for the First Amendment is appalling. Pastor Lindstedt not only provides valuable, if somewhat incisive, perspective on the Christian Identity community and its leading lights, but also posted considerable background information on his time with militia groups as well as his history of seeking elective office. Reo's action is all part of an upsurge in DMCA takedown abuses, which Film Industry Network suggests could be brought under control by four changes:

1. Charge a small fee for DMCA takedown requests (And refund that fee if it is legitimate)
2. Prevent automatic content removals without a physical review (Unrealistic at this point unless a system is put into place that discourages abuse)
3. Make it abundantly clear how a DMCA works, and when it should be used
4. Give content owners the opportunity to defend and prove the DMCA takedown is not legitimate (If no defense is available, then it should be taken down.

The entire e-mail from Lindstedt, with the exception of Bryan Reo's address being deleted, is presented after the jump:

SPLC Report About "100 People Murdered By Stormfront Users" Regurgitates All The Old Stereotypes About White Racialists; A Descent Into Gutter Journalism

On April 17th, 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center released their loudly-ballyhooed report about how "Stormfront users murdered almost 100 people during the past five years". This report represents a new low in gutter journalism on their part; there's not even a pretense of objectivity within. Read the SPLC's blog post and comments about it HERE, and the actual report HERE. The SPLC also links to a seven-page PDF report entitled "White Homicide Worldwide" (if it doesn't load the first time, refresh the page). Of course, the SPLC does NOT provide an enumerated list of all 100 killings or the perpetrators; they merely highlight what they consider the most prominent events. NBC News has now picked up the story, and quotes Heidi Beirich as hysterically shrieking “Stormfront is the murder capital of the racist Internet...It has been a magnet for the deadly and deranged."

The report is far too long to expend time for a detailed analysis. I will simply highlight some of the more egregious statements. First, the SPLC presents the standard stereotype of a white racialist being a single trev who lives in the basement with his mommy or some other female figure (note that the term "trev" comes from the F2BBS.com e-biz board and describes a geek who's so consumed with cyberspace that he has no life outside of it):

A typical murderer drawn to the racist forum Stormfront.org is a frustrated, unemployed, white adult male living with his mother or an estranged spouse or girlfriend. She is the sole provider in the household. Forensic psychologists call him a “wound collector.” Instead of building his resume, seeking employment or further education, he projects his grievances on society and searches the Internet for an excuse or an explanation unrelated to his behavior or the choices he has made in life.

Does Dr. David Duke live in a basement with his mommy? No, he's a three-time author, a videographer, and an international traveler with a PhD. What about April Gaede? Hell, no; she's a responsible wife and mother who is an established resident of the Kalispell community. Harold Covington? Yes, he's single, but he's hardly a basement trev; instead, he has sacrificed an ordinary family life to dedicate himself full time to the Cause through his slowly-but-steadily-growing Northwest Front. Dr. William Pierce? He was a respected academic who formed the most successful white organization in the last 30 years, the National Alliance. Jared Taylor? Another highly-respected academic. But the SPLC either minimizes or ignores these examples because they don't cater to their popular stereotypes of white racialists, and don't bring in the donations.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ukrainian Nationalists Successfully Confront Antifa Scum In Chicago

While many of us are still flummoxed over Glenn Miller's alleged meltdown in Overland Park (a reminder that he is still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law), life goes on, the Cause remains just, and according to this Stormfront thread, a group of Ukrainian nationalists successfully confronted antifa scum in Chicago on the antifas' own turf. Looks like a reversal of Tinley Park. I found no mainstream media account of this confrontation.

The original source of the information is an antifa website called The Red Phoenix, but I will try to render a serviceable translation. The antifa were sponsoring a "teach-in" at United Electric Hall on S. Ashland in Chicago on April 12th, 2014. Apparently some Ukrainian nationalists, aware of the Chicago antifas' reputation for unprovoked gratuitous violence against those who think differently than them, had infiltrated the gathering to take pictures of the antifa leaders. The alleged purpose was to publicize the photos to warn the greater community against them. The nationalists were detected and forced to leave, after which forty Maidan supporters and at least one “Right Sector” supporter, displaying the flags of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and other related regalia, attempted to invade the venue to teach the antifa a lesson. Antifa security kept the nationalists from reaching the participants by actively holding them back as they attempted entry through the double-doors of the Union Hall. Police were summoned, and the nationalists sought to press charges against the antifa, but after police dissuaded them from pressing charges due to insufficient pretext, the nationalists decided they had accomplished their mission and left with their heads held high.

Both Maidan and Right Sector are nationalist groups which strive to defend Ukrainian territorial and political integrity and which are opposed to Russian actions against the Ukraine. This poses a dilemma for white racialists worldwide, because it presents the spectre of Ukrainian whites battling against Russian whites. The recent history of the region is quite complex; don't forget, the Bolsheviks reinvented borders and moved entire peoples (like the Crimean Tatars) around like pawns on a chessboard. In 1954, Soviet General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, who was Ukrainian, transferred the Crimea to the Ukraine even though the Crimea was predominantly Russian; since the Soviet Union governed the entire area, it didn't occur to the Russian majority that they would eventually be living in a foreign country. But when the Ukraine became independent in 1992, Russians in the Crimea suddenly found themselves living in a foreign country. In fact, every former Soviet republic which achieved independence since 1992 contains large numbers of Russians.

How would you feel if you were a white person living in Arizona and Arizona suddenly became part of Mexico?

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin's well-intentioned efforts to resolve the problem with minimal fuss have generated concern. In 2008, the Russians forcibly amputated South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia. Now the Russians have amputated the Crimea from the Ukraine. Before each event, the Russians granted passports on demand to the residents of these regions to strengthen the pretext for amputation. Because Russia has done this a second time, it is appropriate to question whether or not Russia will try this wherever there is a significant Russian minority. Will Estonia or Latvia be next? Is it fair to ask Russia's neighbors to live with that uncertainty?

Nevertheless, Putin has done some good things for Russia. He eliminated the malaise of the Yeltsin regime, during which Russia had become the toy of plutocrats. Putin has taken a strong stand against the promotion and statutory protection of the homosexual lifestyle, prohibiting gay pride marches and the dissemination of pro-gay propaganda to minors. And when the seven Pussy Riot whores desecrated a Russian Orthodox cathedral with their obscene filth in February 2012, Russia came down hard, jailing two of them for two years. In a world awash with the corruption of ZOG Babylon the Third and Final, Russia, under Putin's leadership, stands out as a beacon of righteousness.

When two white nations threaten to square off in conflict, it is difficult to take sides. The only thing we can do is to ask both sides not to allow themselves to be coopted by outsiders who have neither the interests of Russia not the Ukraine at heart. Perhaps a deal can be reached in which Ukraine keeps their remaining territory and gets back titular sovereignty over the Crimea (Russia would retain military basing rights), but would partially subsidize the relocation of Russian Ukrainians who want to move back to Russia.